We were on the Laundromat Resource Podcast

Well, they stooped low enough to let us speak on the Laundromat Resource Podcast! It was an amazing experience, and Jordan is a really great guy. I hope you will follow him. His podcasts are full of info, and he coaches and consults as well. Check it out!

San-O3-Wash System Battles Ozone in Portland Laundromat

Check out this video! A west coast laundromat owner takes precautions against COVID-19, especially featuring the San-O3-Wash system to sanitize their wash wheels!

Alliance Laundry Systems Removes Restrictions on 3rd Party Payment Systems

We at National Laundry Equipment hope you are doing well and are making it through the pandemic.  Now is the time for a little good news, and happily, we have some:

Alliance has come to their senses and removed all restrictions on 3rd party payment apps (like FasCard).  Please see the email sent to us below:

Effective April 1 we will be reverting our card system interface on our machines back to the pre-2020 state. This means that the restrictions on card reader programming and data that were put into place on January 1st of this year will be removed.

We have also created a simple mobile app available for Android phones that can remove the restrictions on 2020 machines already in the field.  This app is available on My Alliance:

The Payment system companies have also been notified of this change and are prepared. 
If you have any questions please let us know at NLE.

Keeping yourself and your customers safe from COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation continues to change daily, and I know that you are looking to maximize your cleanliness in your laundry.  Your NLE team has been looking into ways to keep you and your customers safe.  It turns out, that doing laundry is an extremely important step in staying away from illness.

First thing first, if you have a validated ozone system that pumps ozone into your wash wheel, you are ahead of the game.  Ozone kills viruses, and will effectively remove COVID-19 in the wash wheel, along with bacteria as resistant as C. Diff.  We have sold quite a few of the San-03-Wash systems over the last few years, and we use them in our laundromats ourselves.  Our laundries showed a marked improvement in sales because of the removal of the “laundromat” smell and the feeling of a true sanitary clean. 

We understand, though, that these systems are expensive, so we wanted to offer a few tips to keep your laundry as clean as possible if you are unable to install the ozone system.  It turns out that the rinse cycle is key to removing germs and viruses.  Unfortunately, unless you are using 200 ppm bleach or 140 degree water (you are likely doing neither in a vended laundromat), you probably are not killing much in your wash wheel.  So, you need to surround those bugs with detergent and flush them down the drain.   For the time being, we suggest you use a high level rinse cycle, and add an extract between wash and rinse.  If possible, you may even want to add an additional rinse cycle to make sure the machine has the most possible chance to flush the virus down the drain.

Tony Vis, our Alliance Laundry Systems representative, was kind enough to send this helpful video on helping people safely processing laundry.  Please give it a peek and let us know if we can help in any way!  Check out the link to watch the video!

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BEAM Video Games Providing Open House Pricing for NLE

Remember that incredible BEAM video game we featured at our Dickson location?  Yeah, that thing is great.  Keeps kids from crashing my carts all over the laundry, and keeps the customers happy that they aren’t getting smacked by kid-driven laundry carts.  If you don’t remember, check out this video!
This thing really is the beez kneez.   And, just for our Nov 8 open house, because they love us, they are offering a killer deal so you can have one too.  Remember, National Laundry Equipment isn’t making a cent on these at the moment.  We just believe the value to you is incredible.  Put one in your laundry!  You won’t believe the difference it makes in customer happiness.
Without further nonsense from me, let me just show you what Ted, the Beam Video Game guy, sent me about the deal they are offering:

BEAM Leasing through Leasing Corporation of America: 

The lease includes:

  • 10 game installed when system ships 
  • Remote monitoring of lamp bulb and on-site replacement.
  • 12 new games per year
  • All maintenance and on-site servicing of the machine.

Due at signing: 

2 months prepaid prepaid: $498

Origination fee approximately: $150 

Optional buy-out after 36 months (lease term) for only $1500.

Eyeclick Direct Lease **


3 months prepaid ($897) Installation ($499) = $1,396

The lease includes:

  • 10 game installed when system ships 
  • Remote monitoring of lamp bulb and on-site replacement.
  • 12 new games per year
  • All maintenance and on-site servicing of the machine.
  • Can cancel after 18 months

Optional buy-out after 36 months (lease term) for only $1500.apply ** Typically offered only if non-qualified through LCA- some exceptions available
Note: Depending on the size and nature of your business,  we can offer, low-down payment, no-risk, money back guarantees.
Ted also included the following:

One of the things our customers like is that it is mounted on the ceiling and runs automatically, it does not require any additional staffing. There is nothing to take, break, pick up or clean. To learn what customers are saying about BEAM check out: BEAM Case Studies   

The following is a video from my martial arts customer. He told me one of his girls took a state championship based upon the eye-foot and agility training she received playing on BEAM. Check it out: Kids having a blast playing Rockball  (you can’t make this stuff up) 

BEAM provides an opportunity for your customers to play and socialize like nothing else on earth!. It is super fun!!!

1.    Provides guest interaction and an “edge over competition”.

2.    Increase NUMBER of customer visits and repeat business-Because it will make your place more fun to be..guaranteed.  

3.    Will have your customers coming in to play and coming back for more. 

4.     By giving young people in your facilities something to do you will make is safer and less prone to equipment damage. 

It can drive business. You can use our professionally shot pictures and videos provided to you in our media kit.  People will “like” and “share” and share them and help to drive your business.  As I mentioned you can get this once you put down your down payment. 

For sensory days you can use BEAM for kids on the autism spectrum. Check out our  Anderson Autism Center  

You can see all of our games here  Link to our Games Page. If you want to do Mommy and me during the day when everyone is in school you can use our  Learning Games
SO, if you are ready to take the next step toward customer satisfaction, entertain those kids!  Ted will be glad to help.  Contact me and I will get you into touch with him pronto!
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Newest Generation San-03-Wash System By AquaWing Gives You The Power Of Ozone and Marketing!

So the one complaint I had about AquaWing’s San-03-Wash system was that you had to hide it in the back room. Why not make it to where you can SHOW your customers this amazing machine…in a really tough case, of course! Well, they came through. Big time.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO by clicking the link or popping this into your browser and hitting go.

You aren’t gonna believe this thing. Now marketing your advantage of ozone sanitation over your competitors will be incredibly easy. The thing glows a beautiful blue color when it is active. So now your store smells great, your customers love it, and the inexpensive guerilla marketing opportunities are endless. CRUSH YOUR COMPETITION!

A.D., owner of Duck River Laundry, called to tell me this about the system, “Since you guys put that thing in for me the 5 star reviews have been rolling in like crazy. People love this thing. And the place smells awesome!”

I am always looking for ways to help you remain the best laundromat in your area. This is a really good one way to do that.

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San-O3-Wash Ozone Amazingly Makes Laundry Cleaner and Makes $$$

Our latest video covering the power of Ozone in the coin laundry – specifically the San-O3-Wash system just dropped:

We have run the San-03-Wash system for a full quarter of business now.  And, well, it has made me a believer.  I am not kidding about this…you know that awful laundromat smell?  The one that smells like dirty water, feet, dead stuff, and gross?  Yeah that smell.  Well it is GONE.  I mean GONE GONE. 

We made these little stickers that we put on each machine – that way the customer knows that they are getting something special with every load.  They are getting a sanitized wash wheel.  No longer do they have to worry about Jack the Ripper putting his dead-people clothes in the wash wheel an hour before they got there.  It doesn’t matter…because the San-O3-Wash system pumps germ killing ozone into each unit with every load.  This unit is the only unit that delivers zero viable trace kill rate. 

Let me explain how well this thing works.  We have an OPL version of this system in the Shelby County Department of Corrections.  They have been running it for 4 years.  In those 4 years, they have experienced zero…that is right…zero outbreaks of MRSA or Influenza since installation.  Prior to installation, they experienced those outbreaks regularly.

AND, not only does it sanitize…it clears the clothes of the crystals left behind in laundry chemicals during the rinse cycle.  That means the clothes feel softer and look brighter.  Customers notice that. 

I am saving for one to put into my Dickson store.  Here is why:  my Ashland City store did 20% more business second quarter of this year than it did the second quarter of last year…while my Dickson store was basically flat…

The thing pays for itself AND gets rid of the yuck.  Imagine that.

Call us anytime for pricing and availability.  The San-03-Wash system by AquaWing is the way to go.

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Mini Ozone For the Home

Aquawing Ozone Systems has miniaturized their industrial technology so that we can use the power of ozone in our home washers and dryers. It should eliminate that frontload washer stink and provide a softer wash while sanitizing my wash wheel. I am very excited to test this little unit out on my home washer, and I will let you know how well my family likes it in a few months!

Aquawing Ozone for the Home

Clean Show Pricing on Galaxy 500 Washer Extractors and Classic Line Dryers!

It is CLEAN SHOW TIME, and NATIONAL LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT, LLC is BLOWING OUT the New Galaxy 500 control on the fine Huebsch washing machine.  This control is a big step up from the galaxy 400 of last year.  It even gives you a cycle modifier:  extra wash!  It has the capability to charge more hot and warm water (they call that multi-level pricing because they are fancy as anything).  

Anyway, check out these machine prices below.  Understand, that installation depends on a lot, so does shipping and taxes.  We are pretty smart around here, but clairvoyant we ain’t.

Galaxy 500 Control Washer Extractors (Vended)

1 x HCT100QCV LIST $24,692.00ea ——– SHOW PRICE $15,908.00ea  (100#)

1 x HCT080QCF LIST $19,725.00ea ——– SHOW PRICE $12,707.00ea (80#)

1 x HCT060QCF LIST $13,579.00ea ——– SHOW PRICE $8,749.00ea  (60#)

1 x HCT040QCF LIST $9,948.00ea   ——— SHOW PRICE $6,409.00ea (40#)

1 x HCT030QCF LIST $7,589.00ea   ——— SHOW PRICE $4,890.00ea (30#)

1 x HCT020QCF LIST $5,457.00ea ———- SHOW PRICE $3,517.00ea (20#)

Classic Line Tumblers (Natural Gas Heated, painted, Vended):

1 x HTT30BC LIST $9,115.00ea ——SHOW PRICE $5,872.00ea (30# Stack)

1 x HTT45BC LIST $10,922.00ea —–SHOW PRICE $7,037.00ea (45# Stack)

1 x HT030BC LIST $4,464.00ea —— SHOW PRICE $2,877.00ea (30# Single)

1 x HT050BC LIST $4,864.00ea ——-SHOW PRICE $3,135.00ea (50# Single)

1 x HT055BC LIST $5,134.00ea ——-SHOW PRICE $3,309.00ea (55# Single)

1 x HT055BC LIST $5,371.00ea ——-SHOW PRICE $3,462.00ea (75# Single)

Check out the classic tumbler’s supa clean look through this link:

These incredible prices will be valid until 8-15-2019, so get your order in!

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Congratulations to Steve on his new Laundromat!

Congratulations to Steve in building his fantastic new Laundromat in Nashville, TN!  Steve’s vision, “Experience Clean,” exemplifies his attention to detail and care for each and every customer.

This particular project was a long one.  We worked with Steve to turn a dilapidated old building into the most modern laundromat we have built to date.  And, you know what?  He is killing it!  We are so proud of him!

Check out the video and call us if you need us!  Click the link or pop this into your browser and hit the go button.


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