San-O3-Wash System is Amazing

I added the Aquawing San-03-Wash system to my Valencia, CA store in February 2019 and have been able to market the benefits to in-store, wash dry & fold and pick up and delivery customers in three different ways. The in-store customers have the opportunity to select an additional all ozone rinse, the WDF customers can request their clothes be washed with the added ozone and for our pick up and delivery service the ozone differentiates us from the competition. In all three instances we receive positive reviews and additional revenues. Approximately 20% of in-store and WDF customers request ozone and our delivery service has grown by multiples each month. The San-03-Wash system provides a consistent flow of ozone to each individual washer and leaves customer clothing cleaner, softer, brighter and smelling better. The entire store has a fresher smell and customers have noticed and our positive reviews increased.

Everything is Wonderful

We absolutely love the laundromat! I love how well the dryers work. I also like how when something goes wrong, someone is willing to help right then and I don't have to wait one or two weeks. You guys are doing an AMAZING job. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!! 🙂

I think everything is wonderful! Everything is easy to use and understandable. My 80 year old grandmother just became a customer because she can use the equipment easily.


Planned Maintenance Program Saved US

NLE's planned maintenance program saved us!  Dealing with a lot of animals, we have a LOT of hair that travels through our machines.  Their technician comes by and cleans our equipment...keeps us up and running.  Thanks NLE!


I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the machines and National!

The machines are working great! Customers are hitting the 60s hard at both locations and the 80s are picking up. The 20s are taking a little time to get off the ground, but they will get there. I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the machines and National. Thanks!


I wish I had a store twice this size!

Everything is good.  Machines are working great, and business has been steadily increasing.  If I had a larger place here in Eddvegas to put a bigger laundry I would.  Maybe about twice the size of the one now.


Service and Installation Was Excellent

Everything looks great.  Business is picking up at the laundry.  Service and installation was excellent and the machines are doing wonderful!


The Best there Is

I have been in the laundry business for a long time.  I have used many distributors and many service companies.  The folks at National Laundry Equipment, LLC are the best there is.  They care, they do a great job, they are honest, and they are fair.


These People are Amazing

These people are amazing.  We were in a very sticky situation when our 60# washer went down in the hotel.  National Laundry Equipment took our call and arrived the next day with a brand new one — that is way faster and more efficient.  Thanks, NLE.  We appreciate you so much.



Fast Service, Kind People

The people at National Laundry Equipment really helped us out of a bind.  When another distributor could not get to us for many weeks, we called them, and they sent a tech out right away.  We operate a large hotel and could not have been without laundry processing for long...Thanks guys, you saved us!


Quick Service Lifesaver

It was a lifesaver to have such quick service on my changer parts for my Laundromat.  Without a changer in an unattended laundry, you are not in business.  National Laundry Equipment got the part I needed to me fast and got me back up and running.


Best Price

I priced 60# OPL washers all over the country and found National Laundry Equipment to be the best for a new machine.  They shipped it to my door and gave me directions on installation.  It was easy, and I saved a lot of money.


I Looked Everywhere

I could not find a part for my old Dexter washer for my hotel.  I looked everywhere, but no one found it.  The part was not on the website, but I called the people at National Laundry Equipment, and they had it in stock!  The part number was 9379-175-001, a water valve for my square Dexter.  I ordered it and it was here in a couple of days.  Thanks very much!