Honor, Service, Experience.

These 3 words have define National Laundry Equipment, LLC. In short, we provide top quality equipment, parts, service, and consultation for your commercial laundry needs. We serve the coin operated laundry and laundromat community as well as institutions in need of large on-premise laundry system applications.

Honor, Service, and Experience.

Honor, Service, and Experience. For over 50 years, these words defined National Equipment Company. At National Laundry Equipment, we promise to provide only the best equipment, parts, service, and consultation. You will not find better value for your money. We specialize in coin operated washers and dryers, card operated washers and dryers, commercial laundry systems for large operations like hotels and prisons, laundromats, and all laundry equipment needs. Located at 1338 Lewis St, Nashville, TN, we are your full service distributor and coin or card operated laundry equipment route operator.

We are proud to offer the following top-quality brands:


Our Team

Nicholle Stoller

Project Manager

Nicholle’s innate ability to organize, direct, and develop plans of action empowers the NLE team to achieve industry leading customer care and service.

David Pitt

General Manager, Service and Parts

From leadership experience in the United States Armed Forces to delivering premium service on time, David Pitt’s can-do spirit and patient management style reflects a deep understanding of the laundry customer’s needs. He will work hard with the NLE team to make sure your equipment is running in top condition and operate efficiently.

Mike Marsden

Certified Technician

Specializing is equipment service and chemicals, Mike is an industry expert with a wealth of knowledge in commercial washers and dryers.  His can-do spirit and logical diagnosing style makes him a sure thing for fixing equipment.

Ken Martin

VP Sales, Route Development

With over 50 years of experience in the industry, Ken brings a deep understanding of customer care and small chassis equipment optimization for multi-housing and other locations.  Ken has developed guest laundry locations, optimized on premise laundry systems, and built coin and vended laundry businesses across the Southeastern United States.

Jon Pell

VP Equipment Sales

Jon’s 25 years of sales experience and multiple industry quality and sales awards provides laundry equipment customers peace of mind in the knowledge that they are working with the most dedicated, caring, and knowledgeable consultant in the business.

JD Dixon

Owner, President

JD comes to the laundry business with a variety of experience from running retail organizations to private equity management.  JD embraces the culture of extreme ownership, and personally takes interest in each and every customer National Laundry Equipment serves.

Marlon Myatt

Lead Technician

Marlon is a true master of laundry equipment service.  Drawing from over 30 years of experience diagnosing, fixing, and installing laundry equipment, he can solve issues that few people in the business can.  

Chad Washburn

Certified Technician

Specializing in laundry equipment service and chemicals, Chad is an industry expert with a knack for diagnosing and fixing equipment with speed and creativity.

Amy Heinz

Director, Laundromat Operations

Amy’s creative management style, coupled with a never ceasing energy makes her an excellent manager of National Laundry Equipment’s vended laundry operations.  Amy manages all laundromat employees and makes sure those are the cleanest, most well-run laundromats in their markets.

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