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Newest Generation San-03-Wash System By AquaWing Gives You The Power Of Ozone and Marketing!

So the one complaint I had about AquaWing’s San-03-Wash system was that you had to hide it in the back room. Why not make it to where you can SHOW your customers this amazing machine…in a really tough case, of course! Well, they came through. Big time.

CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO by clicking the link or popping this into your browser and hitting go.


You aren’t gonna believe this thing. Now marketing your advantage of ozone sanitation over your competitors will be incredibly easy. The thing glows a beautiful blue color when it is active. So now your store smells great, your customers love it, and the inexpensive guerilla marketing opportunities are endless. CRUSH YOUR COMPETITION!

A.D., owner of Duck River Laundry, called to tell me this about the system, “Since you guys put that thing in for me the 5 star reviews have been rolling in like crazy. People love this thing. And the place smells awesome!”

I am always looking for ways to help you remain the best laundromat in your area. This is a really good one way to do that.

Keep ’em turning!

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