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The FasCard System

National Laundry Equipment, LLC is proud to offer the FasCard system. It revolutionizes the way we operate coin operated laundry equipment with credit, debit, and loyalty cards!

Routing the power wire for a new ACA alliance stack machine can be tricky. Jon Pell walks you through how we do it.

Josh Castellini of NLE shows us how to install a FasCard reader to a Huebsch HCNO8O Washer Extractor.

Below is a video of Josh Castellini, NLE head technician, explaining the installation of a FasCard system on a Huebsch Stack tumbler.

  • Gives your customers the option to pay with credit, debit, or prepaid cards! The addition of credit card acceptance can increase both your total revenue and size of individual sales, provide a faster more convenient vending experience, and offer improved security for you and your customers.
  • Allows you to choose your own credit card processor!  Don’t make the mistake of purchasing a product that locks you into a specific merchant processing company. FasCard allows you to choose your own processor.Having a choice gives you a competitive edge and allows you to have control over some of the costs associated with accepting credit cards.Purchasing a product that does not allow you to choose your own processor can result in higher processing rates with little or no option to change.
  • Is Multi-Vend compatible and Time of Day Pricing capable!  One of the most popular features on modern Laundry equipment is the ability to charge different vend amounts depending on the cycle selection of the user; this is often referred to as “Multi-Vending” or “Cycle Based Pricing”.Credit card customers will be less resistant to cycle based upgrades, allowing better profits from your machines.This feature is a powerful way to increase sales and maximize your profits; however the ability of the payment system to properly work with this feature is essential to customer acceptance and utilization.FasCard rises above the competitive products and has developed serial communication protocols to allow the FasCard reader to work seamlessly with various host machines.Installing FasCard on a multi-vend compatible machine means your customers will not have to execute extra steps to use these features and ultimately means your customer will use these new features more often.     FasCard is the only system on the market that allows any machine new and old to operate with time of day pricing schedules.Time of Day pricing allows you to configure your machines to automatically change price at specific times of the day or days of the week. The most popular application of this feature is to offer early bird specials to attract customers into the store earlier, or offer mid day specials to increase your volumes during typical slow periods.Keep in mind that FasCard can give ANY machine this ability, even if your machines are older and don’t have electronic controls! And price changes don’t just affect the credit card price but adjust the machine’s coin price as well.
  • Allows you to manage your laundry from the web!  Accessing your FasCard system is simple and can be performed from any web browser. This means iPhone, iPads, Android devices, PC’s, and Netbooks are all capable of accessing FasCard.The FasCard management tools will allow store owners to configure pricing and specials, run reports, configure alerts, and monitor the status of the system and the equipment all live.Have multiple locations? FasCard was designed to support multi-store owners and give them access to all of their locations with a single username and password. You can even group locations to simplify your pricing and marketing schemes.
  • Puts unprecedented management power in your hands. One of the added benefits of using FasCard is its ability to audit both coin and card sales on any specific machine. This will give you the ability to not only track the success of your credit card sales but monitor the number of coins in each machine.Know how full your money boxes are and schedule your coin collections accordingly. Give yourself added confidence that collections are accurately being deposited and help collection employees rectify discrepancies before it becomes a problem.
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