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San-O3-Wash Ozone Amazingly Makes Laundry Cleaner and Makes $$$

Our latest video covering the power of Ozone in the coin laundry – specifically the San-O3-Wash system just dropped:


We have run the San-03-Wash system for a full quarter of business now.  And, well, it has made me a believer.  I am not kidding about this…you know that awful laundromat smell?  The one that smells like dirty water, feet, dead stuff, and gross?  Yeah that smell.  Well it is GONE.  I mean GONE GONE. 

We made these little stickers that we put on each machine – that way the customer knows that they are getting something special with every load.  They are getting a sanitized wash wheel.  No longer do they have to worry about Jack the Ripper putting his dead-people clothes in the wash wheel an hour before they got there.  It doesn’t matter…because the San-O3-Wash system pumps germ killing ozone into each unit with every load.  This unit is the only unit that delivers zero viable trace kill rate. 

Let me explain how well this thing works.  We have an OPL version of this system in the Shelby County Department of Corrections.  They have been running it for 4 years.  In those 4 years, they have experienced zero…that is right…zero outbreaks of MRSA or Influenza since installation.  Prior to installation, they experienced those outbreaks regularly.

AND, not only does it sanitize…it clears the clothes of the crystals left behind in laundry chemicals during the rinse cycle.  That means the clothes feel softer and look brighter.  Customers notice that. 

I am saving for one to put into my Dickson store.  Here is why:  my Ashland City store did 20% more business second quarter of this year than it did the second quarter of last year…while my Dickson store was basically flat…

The thing pays for itself AND gets rid of the yuck.  Imagine that.

Call us anytime for pricing and availability.  The San-03-Wash system by AquaWing is the way to go.

Keep ‘em turning!


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