Tumble Dryers

Huebsch tumble dryers are legendary.  They are the best in the business.  All other dryers made today are based on the Huebsch design.  They keep improving, too.  As the leader in their field, they continually come up with handy improvements to make their machines more efficient, last longer, and more durable.

The new GALAXY control paired with the OVERDRY PROTECTION TECHNOLOGY will save you thousands on utilities while protecting your linens.  It contains 39 pre-programmed cycles and is capable of 99 total cycles.  You can dial in exactly what you need!  The tangle tamer reversing feature is included, and will be used in certain cycles (like sheets) and not others (like towels) in order to save energy!

Tumble Dryers

This machine will do everything you need.  They come standard with some awesome features like axial airflow and a self-cleaning lint compartment.  These innovations provide the most efficient operation by cutting down on dry time.

Other awesome innovations and options
1.  An optional CARE system (Combustion Auto Response Equipped) will keep your investment safe by putting out any fires and alerting your property’s alarm system.
2. Stainless steel door hinges are reversable, so you can tailor your machine to your environment.

*Pricing is for Natural Gas Operated for all sizes, reversing for 50-75 lbs. capacity, OPT optional.  For steam powered models, electric models, or other options, please call us at 866-441-1848 or 615-885-1115.

OPL 25-35 lb DryStarTM Tumble Dryers and 30-45 lb TwinStarTM Stack Tumble Dryers Specs.

OPL 50-75 and 55 Specs.