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Clean Show Pricing on Galaxy 500 Washer Extractors and Classic Line Dryers!

It is CLEAN SHOW TIME, and NATIONAL LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT, LLC is BLOWING OUT the New Galaxy 500 control on the fine Huebsch washing machine.  This control is a big step up from the galaxy 400 of last year.  It even gives you a cycle modifier:  extra wash!  It has the capability to charge more hot and warm water (they call that multi-level pricing because they are fancy as anything).  

Anyway, check out these machine prices below.  Understand, that installation depends on a lot, so does shipping and taxes.  We are pretty smart around here, but clairvoyant we ain’t.

Galaxy 500 Control Washer Extractors (Vended)

1 x HCT100QCV LIST $24,692.00ea ——– SHOW PRICE $15,908.00ea  (100#)

1 x HCT080QCF LIST $19,725.00ea ——– SHOW PRICE $12,707.00ea (80#)

1 x HCT060QCF LIST $13,579.00ea ——– SHOW PRICE $8,749.00ea  (60#)

1 x HCT040QCF LIST $9,948.00ea   ——— SHOW PRICE $6,409.00ea (40#)

1 x HCT030QCF LIST $7,589.00ea   ——— SHOW PRICE $4,890.00ea (30#)

1 x HCT020QCF LIST $5,457.00ea ———- SHOW PRICE $3,517.00ea (20#)

Classic Line Tumblers (Natural Gas Heated, painted, Vended):

1 x HTT30BC LIST $9,115.00ea ——SHOW PRICE $5,872.00ea (30# Stack)

1 x HTT45BC LIST $10,922.00ea —–SHOW PRICE $7,037.00ea (45# Stack)

1 x HT030BC LIST $4,464.00ea —— SHOW PRICE $2,877.00ea (30# Single)

1 x HT050BC LIST $4,864.00ea ——-SHOW PRICE $3,135.00ea (50# Single)

1 x HT055BC LIST $5,134.00ea ——-SHOW PRICE $3,309.00ea (55# Single)

1 x HT055BC LIST $5,371.00ea ——-SHOW PRICE $3,462.00ea (75# Single)

Check out the classic tumbler’s supa clean look through this link:


These incredible prices will be valid until 8-15-2019, so get your order in!

Keep ’em turning


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