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San O3 Wash Ozone Cleaning Systems for Laundromats

Protect Yourself and Your Customers From Infection and Outbreaks!

Customers love the clean smell of the San-O3-Wash enhanced laundromat, because the ozone generated by the San-03-Wash system eliminates bacteria, viruses, and fungi that spread disease and cause odors. If you are looking for a real competitive advantage in your laundromat, this is it. Your customers will notice the clean smell, the improved softness of their clothes, and the brightness of their colors. They will appreciate the fact that each and every wash wheel attached to the San-O3-Wash system is sanitized and protected against the spread of disease inside the wash wheel.

Check out this news video on the power of the San-O3-Wash system to keep laundromat employees and customers safe during the Coronavirus Outbreak of 2020!

Differentiate Your Business By Providing A Real, Sanitary Cleaning Experience!

Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizers on the planet.  It occurs naturally, generated by lightning in the atmosphere! It kills germs, viruses, and fungi on contact.  Even difficult “bugs” to kill are destroyed by ozone, like C. Diff and Parvo.  Germs such as these cause laundromats to smell dirty, musty, and gross.

The sense most linked to memory is the sense of smell.  So, keep in mind that the way your laundromat smells, and the way your customer’s clothes smell after they use your equipment makes a long-lasting impression on that customer.  The better the smell, the more satisfied the customer will be!

Don’t forget to advertise the fact that you have the cleanest, safest laundromat possible, because you eliminate bacteria, viruses, and fungi safely with the power of ozone!

Install The Ozone Laundry System That Injects Ozone At The Machine To Get The Most Out Of Your Ozone’s Sanitization Capability!

Because the San-O3-Wash system injects Ozone right at the machine (not upstream in a separate room), you don’t have to worry about degradation of the cleaning and sanitization power of ozone before it actually reaches the wash wheel!  Ozone has a very short half-life, meaning it can only do its work for a short time after it is generated.  So, you want to make sure to give it the maximum exposure to the things you want eliminated — germs, viruses, and fungi in your washers, not impurities and alkaline substances in your water while traveling through your pipes!

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