Our Video Service School is LEGIT

This is a great day, and I’m about to let you know why.  We here at National Laundry Equipment just let the cat out of the bag.  In fact, you are about to need our service a whole lot less. 

Here’s the deal:  We just put up over 40 videos on preventative maintenance, trouble shooting, and basic workings of Alliance Laundry Systems products.  That’s right.  No more mystical machinery.  No more calling in witch doctors or shamans to cast out the spirits within your machine.  You are in the know.  And that is good.  Because, we love you.

You will find this freaking amazing resource if you click this link, or if you still blast ABBA while rollin’ through town with your windows of your cadillac down, stick this in your browser and hit go:

Get your learn on.  This is real stuff.
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The ACA Washer Extractor is Here!

Afternoon!  Just wanted to share this video with you for a quick look at the new ACA model Huebsch coin operated washer extractor.  This is a Galaxy 400 model.  Note the sleek new design, eliminating most of the outside screws, and the easier-access for maintenance.  Control boards, etc, are also upgraded.  Super nice machine.  Come by and check it out.  We will have coffee around.  


Check the link, or for you old skoolers, type this in your browser and hit go:


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New Video Highlighting the WUN 223

We just mixed down a fantastic video showing some really neat highlights of the WUN 223.  The tool-less clean out on the drain is really something that will save you a lot of time.  Most importantly, check out how BEASTLY this thing is.  Click the link for the vid about the WUN 223.


OR, just copy this nonsense into your browser:


Happy web surfin’ and keep them turning.



Holy Smokes This Yamamoto WUN 223 is SWEEEET

So we just took possession of our first Yamamoto WUN 223, the new model washer extractor from Yamamoto.  This thing blew me away.  They know how to build a washer over there, and I think I will just let the pictures tell the story.  Keep in mind that this behemoth is a 65# model.  Call us at (615) 885-1115 if you want to see one.

Clean and Bright is the Way To Go

You know what I like to see?  I like to see a clean, bright laundromat turning customers’ clothes.  I like to see wide aisles and warm colors.  You know.  An inviting place.  Because nobody, and I mean nobody wants to wash their clothes in a dark, dirty laundry while rubbing tushies with Bubba The Rank, because there are 2 feet of between washer rows.  Yeah.  Bubba stinks.  He knows it, and everyone in the local area knows it too.  Heck, farmers kick him out of their areas, lest their crops get all tainted.


So, why the heck do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we keep seeing these laundromats with as much equipment as the distributor man can stuff in the space?  Let me get real with you.  Who, in the name of the spin cycle, does that benefit?


These guys roll around in their big fancy cars spitting stuff like revenue per square foot.   Somehow cramming as much equipment as possible in the space will give you more sales.  You know, because the excel spreadsheet says it will.


So what is important here? What drives people to your store?  It ain’t number of machines.  Let’s have a look at some real deal conversations with real deal characters.  I even talked to Bubba the Rank.  Didn’t want to leave his stinky opinion out of the mix.


Things people actually want in a laundromat:


  1. Clean.  CLEAN the laundry.  Yeah, this is hard as heck.  Yeah Bubba and his brothers are going to wreck your laundry 30 seconds after you clean it.  And yup, those dryer sheets will not find their way into the 382 trash cans you have in your facility.  Part of the deal.  Deal with it and move on.  You make your money by cleaning your laundry.  But you know that, because you are freaking brilliant.  Oh, and make the place look like a beacon from space already.  Bright lights, people.  Happy happy happy and all that.  


  1. Ease of Use. Put some freaking thought into your design already.  If you are working with a jack-leg distributor that wants to shove 500 pieces into your 3,200 square foot laundry, tell him to shove that equipment somewhere else.  You want a layout that is easy to get to the washers, easy to get heavy wet clothes to the dryers, and easy to get to the folding tables.  I just ordered some of those automatic doors for my laundry, because one of my super smart laundromat owner customers turned me on to the fact that folks have a hard time opening doors and carrying clothes at the same time.  Duh.  I feel dumb for not figuring that one out myself.


  1. Convenience. People don’t want to go anywhere or do anything.  You know what I mean?  So be sure to put your spot in a place where people will see it, use it, and like it.  Location is EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING.  So don’t hustle yourself into a disaster.  Take your time and do it right.  If you already have a laundry, think convenience of use, and reread number 2 about 56 times.  Go ahead.  I will wait.


Look, here is the deal in a nut shell so you can easily fit it in your gourd with your latest Lifetime movie binge:  We want to help you.  We want you to make as much money as you can make in your business.  Let us.  (615) 885-1115.

Rid yourself of the ish with a swish.

So we just ran out to visit with one of our favorite guest laundry customers (smile ‘cuz you know who you are, and you are awesome), because they had ish with their washer.  Yeah, ish for sure.  They had a dude from some who knows what company “service” their machine.  Dude fixed the first ish and provided this nice customer another ish.   

You kind people out there in hospitality-land and laundry-land need solutions.  You don’t need more ish on your plate, because some company sent a laundry expert out to resolve your last ish and in doing so landed you more ish with a swish.  My kid is into Dr. Suess.  Can you dig it?
So instead of going about your day fixing ish caused by the original ish fix, call us.  We rid the world of ish.  At least laundry machine ish.  
We even have maintenance contracts for you OPL types.  Learn about those things here:
Those things stop the ish before they get all king size.
We aren’t gonna make you wait on some long waiting list either.  ‘Cuz, we hate waiting more than you do.  Trust me.  Patience is not my thing.  

Call us.  De-ish. Fast.  (615) 885-1115

Charge More For Hot Water. Seriously. Do it.

Ok people.  I am about to throw some numbers at you, so sit up straight and focus on your screen.  Put the coffee down.  You aren’t going to need it in a minute.
Those of you who know me know that I am what you call a numbers guy.  I can’t help it.  And it is annoying to everyone.  Especially my wife, who can’t understand why everything has to go in neat numerical order.  Math rules.  Dogs drool.  And I like dogs too.  I have no idea what that’s about, but I have your attention, don’t I?
Now, I get a lot of store owners telling me that their customers won’t like paying more for hot water.  Yeah?  Well are you in business to make moola (can I use the word scrilla?  I think I can, so I am about to roll it in there). You aren’t in business to create laundry love.  Even if you gave this service away, some people would get their undies tied around their whatevers about who knows what.
So I am going to tell you this.  I charge A LOT more for hot water.  Right now it is set on buck fifty more on 40’s, 60’s, and 80’s.  I am about to raise it again, because I don’t play, and I like scrilla.  Check me out now.
With that price range held for a year, scope the report below.
Multi-Vend Analysis Report
Date Range 3-1-2017 to 3-1-2018
Generated: 3/1/2018 1:32 PM (Central Standard Time)
Equipment Type Selected Option Count Percent
20lb Washer Totals Starts 6927 100%
Normal Hot 2639 38.1%
Normal Warm 926 13.37%
Normal Cold 3189 46.04%
Blankets Cold 12 0.17%
Delicate Warm 42 0.61%
Delicate Cold 119 1.72%
Extra Wash 173 2.5%
Extra Rinse 222 3.2%
30lb Washer Totals Starts 12112 100%
Normal Hot 5580 46.07%
Normal Warm 1657 13.68%
Normal Cold 4701 38.81%
Blankets Cold 54 0.45%
Delicate Warm 71 0.59%
Delicate Cold 49 0.4%
Extra Wash 439 3.62%
Extra Rinse 482 3.98%
40lb Washer Totals Starts 14364 100%
Normal Hot 8984 62.55%
Normal Warm 1197 8.33%
Normal Cold 4011 27.92%
Blankets Cold 77 0.54%
Delicate Warm 29 0.2%
Delicate Cold 66 0.46%
Extra Wash 571 3.98%
Extra Rinse 504 3.51%
60lb Washer Totals Starts 11947 100%
Normal Hot 9066 75.89%
Normal Warm 750 6.28%
Normal Cold 2017 16.88%
Blankets Cold 68 0.57%
Delicate Warm 21 0.18%
Delicate Cold 25 0.21%
Extra Wash 355 2.97%
Extra Rinse 340 2.85%
80lb Washer Totals Starts 8304 100%
Normal Hot 5837 70.29%
Normal Warm 671 8.08%
Normal Cold 1675 20.17%
Blankets Cold 75 0.9%
Delicate Warm 24 0.29%
Delicate Cold 22 0.26%
Extra Wash 361 4.35%
Extra Rinse 270 3.25%


Yeah.  These are real numbers, yo. That 80# washer extractor bank rocks 70.29% hot water use….EVEN THOUGH I CHARGE MORE FOR THAT PRECIOUS HOT IN THE WATER.  Yeah, so don’t tell me people are mad about that.  They get it.  The guy down the street doesn’t charge more, and last time I pulled his water bills, he was doing about 1/3 of the business that I was doing at this particular store.  You got that right.  I pulled his water bills.  Because, I am sneaky.  Get over it, and start doing it yourself. You need to know where you are and where the bad guys are.  Most utilities will give you the usage numbers.  You just have to ask.
OH, and how did I snag such a bad-arse report?  I have the FASCARD system.  And you should too.  I use it on my route and in my laundries.  I wouldn’t run a laundry without it.  Unless you want to be blind, you need it too.  Got all kinds of reports and data you can snag and follow.  Makes you a better business human, so you can smack down the primitive simian down the street.  Think about it.  Because, that’s what smart business humans do…we think.

All right.  Now that you are running to your laundry to add money to the warm and hot water vend prices and put more of that sweet scrilla in your fanny pack, remember this:  CALL US IF WE CAN HELP.  (615)-885-1115.  We’re good at it.  But you already knew that, and that’s why we love you.

New Laundry Equipment for OPL use, No Capital Outlay

If you need laundry equipment, but are a little light on cash, check out what we can do.


Are you stuck with old, broken down laundry equipment?  Are you waiting for a serviceman to fix your ancient, expensive-to-operate laundry equipment?  Are you watching your utilities bills skyrocket while your laundry room productivity plummet?


  • NO upfront capital needed!  National Laundry Equipment has a variety of packages that will provide you with brand new, highly efficient laundry equipment with no capital investment.
  • FREE installation!  National Laundry Equipment will cover the installation and freight of your equipment.  You will be up and running with incredible new equipment in no time.
  • EXTREME efficiency!  We only provide the best Huebsch and Yamamoto laundry equipment, that will save you money month after month with some of the most utilities pinching equipment on the planet.
  • EXTREME productivity!  Virtually eliminate downtime, and cut per load time with high G extract speeds on washer-extractors and super efficient dryers!
  • AWESOME flexibility!  No-one provides more options than National Laundry Equipment!  We even have leasing plans for the Harmony Cleaning System, that allows you to do dry-clean only material without dangerous dry-cleaning chemicals!
  • FREE replacement parts and service!  Your laundry equipment will be maintained by the best technicians on the planet.  Period.
  • PERFECT for businesses looking to simplify or offer more services at no upfront cost. 

Our Commercial Laundry Equipment Leasing Program is perfect for any business that needs new laundry equipment:  Hospitals, Hotels, Hopices, Nursing Homes, Gyms, Spas, etc.  Plus, leasing this equipment will keep it off your balance sheet- making it an attractive alternative for the savvy business manager looking to manage taxation and future tax liability.

MEDICAL FACILITIES:  Leasing of laundry equipment is often reimbursable by Medicare.  Just have a look at the CMS reporting forms!

So, if you need new, A-Tier, laundry equipment — equipment that will save you time and money — but don’t have the budget for that equipment or want to manage tax liability, please call us today about our equipment leasing program!

Common Packages Include:

  1.  THE SIXTY.  The sixty includes two HCN060 60# washer-extractors, two HT075 natural gas operated tumble dryers, and free service and parts for $850.00/month for a five year term!
  2. THE SPEEDY SIXTY.  Our most popular program, includes two multi-weight, extremely high-extract, Yamamoto WUN223 65# Washer-Extractors, two HT075 natural gas operated tumble dryers, and service and parts for $1035/month for a five year term!
  3. THE HARMONIC.  Purpose built for those businesses who enjoy customers with an eye for luxury, The Harmonic provides a WUD220S system and service and parts for $750.00/month for a five year term.

We are happy to tailor a leasing package for your exact needs throughout our wide range of equipment.  CALL US TODAY with any questions!  (615-885-1115)

New Tax Law is AWESOME for the Laundry Business!

Ok, so unless you have been in a hole somewhere, I am going to bet that you already know that we have a new tax situation here in the good ol’ United States.  President Trump signed that thing called the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act into law on December 22, 2017.  As people who own laundry equipment, that new tax law can be a pretty sweet deal. I am about to fill you in, so pay attention.

Put this in your head before dive into all this tax law rocket surgery:  THERE HAS NEVER BEEN A BETTER TIME TO BUY LAUNDRY EQUIPMENT FROM A TAX SAVINGS STANDPOINT!

First of all, let’s talk about bonus depreciation and what that b-school nonsense word actually means.  Bonus depreciation just fancy jargon for the idea that a business can immediately deduct a big part of the purchase price of a big asset right away.  That leads to paper losses, and lower tax liability.  Big write-off, lower taxes.  Simple, right?

Well, until the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (let’s call it the WHAMMO TAX ACT, because I am tired of writing that totally boring and unimaginative name the old folks in Washington decided to name it,) you could take only 50% bonus depreciation in the first year after buying your equipment.  Cool and the gang, right?  You buy $100K worth of equipment in April of 2017, you could have written off $50K worth of the purchase price through the Monopoly-Money expense called Depreciation.  That means, the old folks in Washington take it for granted that your business earned $50K less.

Boom goes the dynamite, along comes the WHAMMO TAX ACT of 2017.  Now, YOU, my laundry equipment buying friend, can bonus depreciate (yeah, I just verbed that word.  Mad props to me.) all $100K of that purchase.  So that $100K comes off your earnings, making it look like you made less money to the old guys in Washington and lowing your tax bill.  NICE.  You want to know something else?  If you bought that stuff after September 27, 2017, you can deduct the whole amount.  Why they picked that date, no one will ever know.  Ask an old fart in Washington.  Maybe they will tell you.

Laundry Equipment is what they call “Qualified Property,” which is old folk in Washington speak for something that lasts about 20 years or less.  Laundry equipment qualifies, so you don’t need to worry.  There are plenty of other things that qualify too, but we are in the laundry equipment business so freakin’ focus already.  Oh and states are weird.  For state taxes, ask a smarter human than me.  In fact, run all this by your tax dude or dudette, before you go getting yourself all in trouble with the old folks.

Now you have been learned up about the bonus depreciation, let’s talk about your buddy and mine, Section 179.  Before December 31,2017, you could expense $500K worth of eligible property in a year.  The WHAMMO TAX ACT doubles that number.  Now you can depreciate $1M in the first year!  After that, you can use your bonus depreciation to go even deeper.  Pretty slick, right?

Now you have all that stuck in your gourd, let’s add some more.  By the end of this you are going to be either really smart or be the sufferer of a massive headache.  Let’s find out which side you rock.

Before December 31, 2017, you could carry Net Operating Losses (your Monopoly Money Losses you claimed because of the depreciation you expensed is a bigger number than the number of dollars you made for real) for 20 years forward and 2 years backwards.  The WHAMMO TAX ACT makes that forward action indefinite.  The catch is…you can’t carry it back to get a bigger refund from last year.  Now there are some things you need to read up, like interest expense limitations for people making more than $157K if filing by themselves or $315K filing jointly with their spouse.  Details.  Always details, but for most of us, this thing will be pretty straightforward.

ANYHOO, let’s scope an example.  I think it will make a lot more sense when we see this thing with numbers attached to it.

If you look at this little graphic, you will see the the difference in a store with $300K of revenue.  Big deal.  Lots of money saved on taxes.  THANKS WHAMMO TAX ACT!  Seriously.  That is $17K in tax savings.  Massive value there.

Now this graphic shows how you save in the long run.  Or at least for the next six years, given your Net Operating Loss carry forward.  Ain’t this some sweet, sweet savings?

Mind you, these charts assume you are filing jointly, and you aren’t super rich so the interest expense limitations don’t apply.

Bottom line is this right here.  If you are thinking about getting into the laundry business, retooling your store, or buying some laundry equipment, now is the time to do it.  The old farts in Washington are telling you to do it.

Call us today.  We live for your questions. Not really, but you know. (615) 885-1115

Breaking down a quote: Where is the value in a laundry equipment quote

In our recent video, we break down a competitive distributor quote for laundry equipment, reading the words and showing what those words actually mean.   Please enjoy!


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