Brand New Laundromat, The Washhouse in Madison

Check out this gorgeous store in Madison, TN! I really love to see big ideas come together, and this one is absolutely gorgeous. Please check out this video for a quick tour, and for a glimpse behind the scenes on how to build an easily serviceable line of commercial laundry equipment!

Visit their website to learn more! World Class Laundromat | Nashville, TN | The Wash House (

A Really Great Idea

A client of ours called Green Room cleaners recently brought us an idea, and we thought it amazing. They have created a trailer that they can pull up to disaster sites or homeless camps to allow people in need to wash their clothes. The commercial laundry equipment inside this trailer can process laundry for 16 separate individuals at one time. Check out the video for more information!

On the Laundromat Millionaire Podcast!

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to discuss the vended laundry business with Dave Menz, the Laundromat Millionaire.  Dave, as you can imagine, is a really great person, and his better half, Carla, is just that.  They are a fantastic team looking to bring unbiased information to you in hopes of winching the entire industry up notch at a time.  
Our specific discussion surrounded when to buy and rebuild a laundromat or when to build from the ground up.  I believe the answer lies with the business owner him or herself.  The most important step that any prospective or veteran entrepreneur takes toward success is a deep knowledge of their own self.  How much risk can that person rationalize?  How can they reconcile the risk verse the potential reward?  How comfortable are they with the looming possibility of disaster?
Secondly, of course, is a simple availability calculation.  What is available in the market?  
Anyway, I hope you enjoy.  You will find the podcast by clicking this link, or putting this mumbo jumbo in your browser and hitting the go button:
Many thanks to the Menz family for allowing me to take up part of their time and space on their podcast.  
Keep ’em turning,JD

Yamamoto Highlighted in the WSJ!

Here is the WSJ article about Yamamoto Laundry Equipment. If you want to go to the direct link, go here: Paid Program: Forward Thinking (

Forward Thinking

Yamamoto Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Representative Director Shohei Yamamoto on avoiding the status quo and the importance of looking beyond Japan’s shores

Driven by Success

The greatest accomplishment in our business is to create commercially successful products. To achieve this, we must constantly seek out challenging new projects and ideas. If we are able to establish a reputation for constantly providing new items, it will inspire us and drive our employees to create more successful products. Business continuity can be achieved through persistence in new endeavors.

We will continue our efforts to enrich our product lineup. In the near future, we hope to compete more vigorously in the European market, a key manufacturing hub. Overseas expansion requires not only product appeal but also comprehensive capabilities including manufacturing capacity, equipment as well as competent employees and management. We believe that maintaining the status quo leads to stagnation. We are prepared to make mistakes and take detours. At times, its important to keep trying with a dynamic approach. There is no shortcut to success in business.

Cultivating the Right Environment

Our business philosophy consists of three elements: human capital management, coexistence and co-prosperity. We have worked to develop a good corporate culture and environment where our staff are motivated. They also help one another and share joy. Currently, we have around 200 employees and very low turnover rate. We also have 14 pairs of employees who are related to each other. In a family-like atmosphere, we maintain a workplace where employees are able to work from generation to generation and stay employed throughout their lives. Therefore, I have been working to memorize their faces and names, and actively communicate with them. For example, we have increased internal events such as company trips, softball events and bowling tournaments. These events present informal opportunities for me to communicate with our employees.

Every year I have two interviews with the heads of the company’s individual sections and we carry out activities on many subjects on a monthly basis. We need to take a look at our employees, not from a single viewpoint but from various angles.

When it comes to the growth of flowers, for example, soil is vital. Similarly building a solid foundation is vital to our company’s corporate culture. If the soil isn’t very fertile, plants will not sprout and flowers won’t grow regardless of how many seeds are sown. The same is true for humans. Instead of focusing solely on corporate income, we start with the development of an environment for employees and appoint a mentor for every new employee. They also keep a journal and we take meticulous care of such points.

In the past, we were told to learn by watching the actions of our superiors, but this method does not work today. I put time and effort into improving the environment of our company to create a positive corporate culture. Therefore, our strength lies in our solidarity. We aim to achieve new things through the united efforts of all our employees. Our staff can come together to concentrate on a single task or implementing reforms.

Expanding Horizons

Today, we also operate outside Japan and individual sections of our company have independent business models. This is the result of our solidarity and clear goals. However, there are still problems. About 14 years have passed since I worked to develop our overseas markets. I strongly feel that the Japanese business model is no longer effective outside the country. In Japan, we often hear that the customer is always right. I think that the business practice of placing excessive importance on customers is against global business trends, and is probably less acceptable in the West.

In fact, I realized this when I first became president of the company and I visited a trade show in Frankfurt with some executives to learn about global trends. At that time, Japanese companies appeared to focus solely on selling Japanese products to the rest of the world. However, I believe it is important to understand that Japanese products are not necessarily the global standard and that the global standard should be brought to Japan instead. I think that our company’s true approach will begin with that.

It is important to see things from the viewpoint of customers, but learning about the world and developing our working environment and other particulars is the top priority. To this end, we need to develop our overseas markets.

At the moment, we are the only Japanese manufacturer of washing machines aiming to sell outside Japan. From our overseas expansion, we learned not only about products but also about management styles, labor environments, work-life balance and many other things. Our learnings from our expansion into overseas markets led us to incorporate human capital management into our business philosophy. We hope to continue our attempts to enter overseas markets to prevent Japanese manufacturing from becoming isolated. I am convinced that our activities in the global market will help energize our company. We aspire to develop into a company that is truly needed by customers and to make Onomichi a city renowned worldwide for quality manufacturing of washing machines.

Happy Holidays and Good Bye 2020

Well, it has been a truly difficult year for everyone.  Together, we have weathered a global pandemic with all of the anxiety, sadness, and grief that that entails.  Though I always heard about the possibility, I never imagined that it would happen.  I can only hurt for everyone impacted by this disease and pledge to never forget the probability of another similar catastrophe.  
2020 has refocused me on what is important: 

  • My faith.  The meaning and importance of my life.  
  • My family.
  • My team.  You, my other customers and vendors, and my employees.  
  • The difference we make, together.

I believe that the refocus on these points will drive us at National Laundry Equipment to improve more and more every day, working to perfect our personal motions while working to better the industry as a whole.
I just wanted to take a moment to wish you a happy holiday season, a happy new year, and a fantastic 2021.  May we not only return to normalcy, but accelerate to a higher sense of well being.  
Thank you very much for your support this year.  On to a brighter 2021!
Happy Holidays!JD

We were on the Laundromat Resource Podcast

Well, they stooped low enough to let us speak on the Laundromat Resource Podcast! It was an amazing experience, and Jordan is a really great guy. I hope you will follow him. His podcasts are full of info, and he coaches and consults as well. Check it out!

San-O3-Wash System Battles Ozone in Portland Laundromat

Check out this video! A west coast laundromat owner takes precautions against COVID-19, especially featuring the San-O3-Wash system to sanitize their wash wheels!

Alliance Laundry Systems Removes Restrictions on 3rd Party Payment Systems

We at National Laundry Equipment hope you are doing well and are making it through the pandemic.  Now is the time for a little good news, and happily, we have some:

Alliance has come to their senses and removed all restrictions on 3rd party payment apps (like FasCard).  Please see the email sent to us below:

Effective April 1 we will be reverting our card system interface on our machines back to the pre-2020 state. This means that the restrictions on card reader programming and data that were put into place on January 1st of this year will be removed.

We have also created a simple mobile app available for Android phones that can remove the restrictions on 2020 machines already in the field.  This app is available on My Alliance:

The Payment system companies have also been notified of this change and are prepared. 
If you have any questions please let us know at NLE.

Keeping yourself and your customers safe from COVID-19

The COVID-19 situation continues to change daily, and I know that you are looking to maximize your cleanliness in your laundry.  Your NLE team has been looking into ways to keep you and your customers safe.  It turns out, that doing laundry is an extremely important step in staying away from illness.

First thing first, if you have a validated ozone system that pumps ozone into your wash wheel, you are ahead of the game.  Ozone kills viruses, and will effectively remove COVID-19 in the wash wheel, along with bacteria as resistant as C. Diff.  We have sold quite a few of the San-03-Wash systems over the last few years, and we use them in our laundromats ourselves.  Our laundries showed a marked improvement in sales because of the removal of the “laundromat” smell and the feeling of a true sanitary clean. 

We understand, though, that these systems are expensive, so we wanted to offer a few tips to keep your laundry as clean as possible if you are unable to install the ozone system.  It turns out that the rinse cycle is key to removing germs and viruses.  Unfortunately, unless you are using 200 ppm bleach or 140 degree water (you are likely doing neither in a vended laundromat), you probably are not killing much in your wash wheel.  So, you need to surround those bugs with detergent and flush them down the drain.   For the time being, we suggest you use a high level rinse cycle, and add an extract between wash and rinse.  If possible, you may even want to add an additional rinse cycle to make sure the machine has the most possible chance to flush the virus down the drain.

Tony Vis, our Alliance Laundry Systems representative, was kind enough to send this helpful video on helping people safely processing laundry.  Please give it a peek and let us know if we can help in any way!  Check out the link to watch the video!

Keep ‘em turning


BEAM Video Games Providing Open House Pricing for NLE

Remember that incredible BEAM video game we featured at our Dickson location?  Yeah, that thing is great.  Keeps kids from crashing my carts all over the laundry, and keeps the customers happy that they aren’t getting smacked by kid-driven laundry carts.  If you don’t remember, check out this video!
This thing really is the beez kneez.   And, just for our Nov 8 open house, because they love us, they are offering a killer deal so you can have one too.  Remember, National Laundry Equipment isn’t making a cent on these at the moment.  We just believe the value to you is incredible.  Put one in your laundry!  You won’t believe the difference it makes in customer happiness.
Without further nonsense from me, let me just show you what Ted, the Beam Video Game guy, sent me about the deal they are offering:

BEAM Leasing through Leasing Corporation of America: 

The lease includes:

  • 10 game installed when system ships 
  • Remote monitoring of lamp bulb and on-site replacement.
  • 12 new games per year
  • All maintenance and on-site servicing of the machine.

Due at signing: 

2 months prepaid prepaid: $498

Origination fee approximately: $150 

Optional buy-out after 36 months (lease term) for only $1500.

Eyeclick Direct Lease **


3 months prepaid ($897) Installation ($499) = $1,396

The lease includes:

  • 10 game installed when system ships 
  • Remote monitoring of lamp bulb and on-site replacement.
  • 12 new games per year
  • All maintenance and on-site servicing of the machine.
  • Can cancel after 18 months

Optional buy-out after 36 months (lease term) for only $1500.apply ** Typically offered only if non-qualified through LCA- some exceptions available
Note: Depending on the size and nature of your business,  we can offer, low-down payment, no-risk, money back guarantees.
Ted also included the following:

One of the things our customers like is that it is mounted on the ceiling and runs automatically, it does not require any additional staffing. There is nothing to take, break, pick up or clean. To learn what customers are saying about BEAM check out: BEAM Case Studies   

The following is a video from my martial arts customer. He told me one of his girls took a state championship based upon the eye-foot and agility training she received playing on BEAM. Check it out: Kids having a blast playing Rockball  (you can’t make this stuff up) 

BEAM provides an opportunity for your customers to play and socialize like nothing else on earth!. It is super fun!!!

1.    Provides guest interaction and an “edge over competition”.

2.    Increase NUMBER of customer visits and repeat business-Because it will make your place more fun to be..guaranteed.  

3.    Will have your customers coming in to play and coming back for more. 

4.     By giving young people in your facilities something to do you will make is safer and less prone to equipment damage. 

It can drive business. You can use our professionally shot pictures and videos provided to you in our media kit.  People will “like” and “share” and share them and help to drive your business.  As I mentioned you can get this once you put down your down payment. 

For sensory days you can use BEAM for kids on the autism spectrum. Check out our  Anderson Autism Center  

You can see all of our games here  Link to our Games Page. If you want to do Mommy and me during the day when everyone is in school you can use our  Learning Games
SO, if you are ready to take the next step toward customer satisfaction, entertain those kids!  Ted will be glad to help.  Contact me and I will get you into touch with him pronto!
Keep ’em turningJD

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