Incredible discounts for our Open House. Come by, eat, and save your dough.

Guess what?  I have some seriously great news for you folks.  If you attend the open house on October, 10, 2018 (that’s a Wednesday, so mark it down), Huebsch and Sol-O-Matic have offered some amazing deals for you.  And you don’t even have to clean your plate.  Although, Andy’s low country broil is pretty amazing, so you will probably be coming back for 3rds.  Seriously.  It is good.

Anyway, check out what the good people at Huebsch propose for you OPEN HOUSE goers:

  1. FREE extended 4th and 5th year warranty for qualified vended products.
  2. Mad discounts. MAD REBATES!  Check out the chart:

THE ONLY CATCH IS THAT WE HAVE TO ORDER YOUR STUFF BY NOVEMBER 10, so you have a month to get it going in the brain.

Now, on to Sol-O-Matic, the bulkhead, table, and furniture company.  These guys are awesome, and they want to extend to you a FREE granite upgrade.  SO, you get the SUPER COOL looking stuff for the price of the regular stuff. HOWZAT?

But, you gotta show up.  And we have to order by November 10, 2018.  So, come by, eat with us, have a great time, and get some discounts.  What could be better?

HOW ABOUT FINANCE DISCOUNTS!  Huebsch is doing some pretty slick FIXED RATE financing. SO, how is that for incredible???? 

I can’t wait to see you on October 10. 


ROWE 1600-1000 BC Changers are really all that

We just launched a review video of the Rowe BC 1600. It is a really, really nice changer.  Take a gander.  



RIPL your way into your customer’s brains.

I know you have already marked your calendar, but October 10, 2018 is going to be the party of the year.  And you are invited, of course.  It is at our place. 

1338 Lewis St

Nashville, TN 37210


We are going to have Low Country Boil down here.  There will be some vendors to show you some cool new stuff, and Joe Stone will answer maintenance questions and do a service school.  You don’t want to miss it.  It is going to be fun.  I am pretty sure Jon is shaking right now, he is so excited.


Ok so you are reminded about that.   All you small business types, check this out.  There is this pretty sweet app for your phone called RIPL.  Check it out here:

Or download RIPL from your app store on your phone.

ANYWAY, you put in your pictures and add a little music, put in a little text, and WHAMMO.  You have got yourself a pretty darn attractive social media (that’s like faceyspace and twizler or whatever) advertisement. 




Well, you gotta pay Facebook to boost the amazing little video you just made, but that doesn’t cost much.  I’ve been using it.  It works.  People like it.  Several have left notes saying they had no idea we were even there before they saw the video.  It is a cheap way to get some word out.

Before you go congratulating me on my ginormous find, I didn’t dig this one up.  One of my really smart customers did, and he was nice enough to let me pass it on.  So thanks, man.

So go RIPL it up and roll over here on Oct 10.  See you then.


Every morning is a good morning!

Beautiful Thursday here at NLE.  We are moving some washers and dryers out the door!  Check out the video


Open House and Customer Appreciation, Wed, Oct 10!

It is a gorgeous summer day here in Nashville, and we are getting more and more excited about seeing you at our open house on October 10.  That is a Wednesday.  You don’t have to worry about death by powerpoint, but there will be a bunch of folks around to help you with what you want help with.  We aren’t going to fill the day with seminars that are really designed to get you to buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need.  


Brother Joe Stone will be showing some great maintenance and repair stuff – to keep you turning.  We also have some folks from FasCard, Yamamoto, Harmony, AO Smith, and other manufacturers here for you to get to know.


Come on in, have beer or a cold drink, eat some low country broil (cooked by the one and only Andy Street), and enjoy the day with us.  I can’t wait.


Do me a favor and pop me an email to let me know you are coming.  We don’t want to run out of refreshments!


Old Dog Sanctuary and NLE team up to solve a laundry problem

Looking forward to seeing you on October 10 at our place.  We might even have beer.  So come by and celebrate yourself.  Because, you are awesome.  And we owe it to you.  Thank you.

Yesterday the folks here at National Laundry Equipment had the honor to install a Yamamoto 302 softmount washer extractor and a Huebsch HT120 120# tumble dryer at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.  You really should check these people out.  If you’re like me, you like dogs.  And if you like dogs, you’re going to like these people.  Check them out here, or follow this link:

They have a great facebook page as well, so go out there and like it.  You will find that here:

As for the equipment itself, this particular washer-extractor and tumble dryer combination is made up of the most bomb proof stuff we have seen to date.  The Yamamoto tool-less drain system will save these senior dog caretaker folks about a thousand years in time, since they can easily clean out the universe of dog hair that would usually clog the drain.  Better, they now actually have the capacity to keep up with the need – hundreds of dog beds that need to be washed pretty much daily.  That Huebsch 120 # tumble dryer will keep up nicely, and since the Yamamoto 302 has a spin speed of super-duper-high, there won’t be a bottle neck in the dryer. Seriously.  That Yamamoto 302 beat the Millennium Falcon in the Kessel Run by like 3 parsecs.  It’s fast.  Flips off the switch and is in bed before the room gets dark.  Fast.

Check this speed-laced, dog hair eatin’, time maximizin’ system by watching our less-than-a-minute vid.

Pop this in your browser, and hit the ENTER key or maybe it is a crooked arrow thing that is supposed to mean ENTER:

Citron Looks Nice!

Looking forward to seeing you October 10 at our place.  That’s a Wednesday, so mark it down.  Come eat some low country broil.  Have a good time.  And hang out at the NLE mothership on Lewis St.  We are gonna have a good time.

I never would have believed it until I saw it.  Citron, the laundry equipment with the Huebsch green overlay, looks amazing.  We just set these dryers in a store we are currently working to complete.  Scope the amazingness.  I like.  What do you think


This stuff is HUGE

Can’t wait to see you at our place on October 10 for some low country broil.  That’s a Wednesday.  It is going to be good, and it is all for you.  So show up, eat up, and have a little fun here at the NLE headquarters.


Less importantly, Sam over here wants to remind you that we do gigantic laundry equipment.  Like the ones in these pictures.  You need something to process more linen or to process that stuff more efficiently?  We are your huckleberry.  That’s just our game.  So call us.   


Oh yeah, the guy in these pics is taken.  So don’t even think about it unless you want a mean blond chick on your tail.  Seriously, you don’t want to mess.

Much love to you.  See you Oct 10.

Paolo Sebastian Recognizes Awesome

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are stoked about October 10 over here at National.  Rob is basically like a kid waiting on Christmas.  October 10 is now the slowest day of the year.  We can’t wait to see you.

So we got some news.  Pretty freaking amazing news, this.  This dude, Paolo Sebastian, designer of super dainty wedding gowns and dresses, likes the Harmony Cleaning system so much that he endorsed us.  That’s right, he wants his dresses that he sells for significantly more than I paid for my truck to be washed in a Harmony Cleaning machine.  That’s because he recognizes awesome when he sees it.  And this thing is awesome.

Have a gander at the dresses he puts together gliding by on some super willowy models in some elvish forest or something.  Very fashion forward. And, to a guy who is not a slave to fashion, it looks pretty swanky.  Click this link or drop this in your thingie that takes you to the interwebs:

Automatic doors for laundromats….amazingly simple idea to help customers

I cannot wait to see you on October 10.  That’s a Wednesday.  Make a noggin note.
Check this out.  We just installed an automatically opening door from Doorma, a Knoxville company.  It is making a serious splash.  I am tracking the revenue to see if there will be a marked increase.  From the results so far, it looks like there will be.  
Remember, the thing that separates us from our competitors is simply the experience of using our laundromats.  Nice, clean, and easy to use.
Check the link to the video.  Or just plop this in that box with all the weird words and letters at the top of your internet searching screen, you know, if you are still using dial up :

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