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You Are What You Eat.

I recently had an interesting exchange with a large laundry processor.  They operate 3 170lbs Huebsch dryers.  They were worried because their equipment was burning up a certain kind of blanket.  So, I went over there and tested the temperature on the dryers — everything looked ok.  They were not doing the blankets at the time, so I could not inspect the actual process.

Anyways, I gave them the green light (the dryers were working properly) and went on my way.

A couple days later, the call came in again — hey JD hurry!  We the dryers are doing it again!!!!

I hurried over, and guess what I found…..

They were drying blankets made out of recycled plastic bottles on high heat……so of course they were melting.

Believe it or not, there are times when the equipment is doing exactly what it is supposed to do but you get less than optimal results.  Please please please look at the tags before you wash or dry.  The linen will tell you how to process it.  These blankets clearly were supposed to be dried on low heat — a process that takes longer than drying on high heat.  Even if it takes longer, it must be done.

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