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Should I Replace Old Tumble Dryers?

When customers leave your store, their impression typically revolves around the last piece of equipment they use: the drying tumblers. With this in mind, it’s important to make sure the machines you offer are meeting their needs.

Most dying tumblers over 12 years in age are not as efficient as today’s manufactured units. As gas prices have gone down, many storeowners haven’t made efficiency as much of a priority as they did a few years ago. Yet, we all know gas prices will rise, and you want to be sure your profits aren’t eaten up by the gas bill.

Efficiency in dryers isn’t just a financial issue. It also affects performance, which your customer will notice. Remember, they want to do their laundry as quickly as possible: at the lowest possible cost.

Maintenance is also a deciding factor when replacing tumblers. If you’re experiencing chronic failures, repeated parts replacement, or parts obsolescence, it’s time to consider new units. Customers shy away from machines with frequent out-of-order tags on them.

If you’re ready to replace an older single tumbler or stack unit, consider larger 45lbs stacks or 55 – 75 lbs single dryers to add capacity and increase revenue. You can never have too many dryers, and if floor space allows, a few large ones work well. Remember to increase make-up air when adding dryer pockets. This will impact performance.

As most storeowners know, new equipment increases revenue. New drying tumblers will make a great impact with your customers — and your business’ bottom line.

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