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Other Folks Try To Be Us, BUT They Ain’t Us.

So there have been some folks rollin’ around telling not so much the truth about how their product is as good as Huebsch.  These guys represent Dexter.  Dexter this and Dexter that.  Blah blah blah.

How about we dance, Dexter?  Let’s head outside for a throw down in front of all the cool kids.  Once and for all.

How about first we scope out the water use.  Utilities are money.  That’s a laundry owner’s cost of goods sold.  It is what you are selling.  SO, cheaper to operate means more money in your pocket.  More toys for the kids.  Happier spouses.  You know what I mean.

As you can see by this little infographic generated by lab tests, Huebsch uses 33% less water in the operation of the wash and 24% less non-wash water.  That’s because the Huebsch people have ditched the 1980’s era, Def-Leppard ballad loving, sump system that does nothing but be old.  And lame.  Oh, and Dexter has 1 water level, because the Dexter people still think it is 1987.  So that’s cool and the gang.  In 2018, water ain’t cheap.  Math is good.

Now let’s have a look at the control.

As it is plain to see by anyone that can see, Huebsch is basically at the top of the class, while Dexter might not be around next semester.  Huebsch has leak detection and slow drain detection and lets you know that you have an issue.  Huebsch has 30 water levels to let you dial in what you need and manage your volume use.  Huebsch has extra wash and rinse options that make you more money, because you are a good business person and charge more for that stuff.  Huebsch has bilingual instructions.  Huebsch lets you audit cycles.

Dexter has nada.  Except they only speak English.   They don’t know what nada means.  So whatever.  They’re going to repeat the grade, and everybody knows it.


Do yourself a favor, and don’t fall for the not-so-much truth these Dexter people like to spit.  They can’t spin with us.  In 2018, Huebsch is the Answer.  Call us.  (615) 885-1115

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