Honor, Service, Experience.

These 3 words have define National Laundry Equipment, LLC. In short, we provide top quality equipment, parts, service, and consultation for your commercial laundry needs. We serve the coin operated laundry and laundromat community as well as institutions in need of large on-premise laundry system applications.

Open House Coming Up: What Can We Offer at the Show that You Want to See?

We are really excited to announce that we will be hosting a customer appreciation open house in October!  Andy Street of AO Smith water heaters has been kind enough to do a LOW COUNTRY BROIL — and believe me, this dude can cook.  So you won’t want to miss that.


My question to you is this:  What do you want to see?

  1. Speakers on best practices / new technology in the laundry business?
  2. Service / Maintenance schools to help you troubleshoot issues?
  3. What’s new in the laundry business?
  4. What have we found in our laundries that works and what doesn’t work?
  5. What’s new with laundry equipment that will make your life easier?


Is there anything else that you would like for us to discuss or have available?


We will be negotiating with vendors to gain special financing offers, etc, for the show, but, at this point I cannot promise anything (since we are still 5 months out).



The date is set at this time for Wednesday, October 10.


Thanks for the input.  I really do want to hear what you would like to see.  This event is, after all, for you.



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