Honor, Service, Experience.

These 3 words have define National Laundry Equipment, LLC. In short, we provide top quality equipment, parts, service, and consultation for your commercial laundry needs. We serve the coin operated laundry and laundromat community as well as institutions in need of large on-premise laundry system applications.

New Laundry Equipment for OPL Use, No Capital Outlay

If you need laundry equipment, but are a little light on cash, check out what we can do.


Are you stuck with old, broken down laundry equipment?  Are you waiting for a serviceman to fix your ancient, expensive-to-operate laundry equipment?  Are you watching your utilities bills skyrocket while your laundry room productivity plummet?


  • NO upfront capital needed!  National Laundry Equipment has a variety of packages that will provide you with brand new, highly efficient laundry equipment with no capital investment.
  • FREE installation!  National Laundry Equipment will cover the installation and freight of your equipment.  You will be up and running with incredible new equipment in no time.
  • EXTREME efficiency!  We only provide the best Huebsch and Yamamoto laundry equipment, that will save you money month after month with some of the most utilities pinching equipment on the planet.
  • EXTREME productivity!  Virtually eliminate downtime, and cut per load time with high G extract speeds on washer-extractors and super efficient dryers!
  • AWESOME flexibility!  No-one provides more options than National Laundry Equipment!  We even have leasing plans for the Harmony Cleaning System, that allows you to do dry-clean only material without dangerous dry-cleaning chemicals!
  • FREE replacement parts and service!  Your laundry equipment will be maintained by the best technicians on the planet.  Period.
  • PERFECT for businesses looking to simplify or offer more services at no upfront cost. 

Our Commercial Laundry Equipment Leasing Program is perfect for any business that needs new laundry equipment:  Hospitals, Hotels, Hopices, Nursing Homes, Gyms, Spas, etc.  Plus, leasing this equipment will keep it off your balance sheet- making it an attractive alternative for the savvy business manager looking to manage taxation and future tax liability.

MEDICAL FACILITIES:  Leasing of laundry equipment is often reimbursable by Medicare.  Just have a look at the CMS reporting forms!

So, if you need new, A-Tier, laundry equipment — equipment that will save you time and money — but don’t have the budget for that equipment or want to manage tax liability, please call us today about our equipment leasing program!

Common Packages Include:

  1.  THE SIXTY.  The sixty includes two HCN060 60# washer-extractors, two HT075 natural gas operated tumble dryers, and free service and parts for $850.00/month for a five year term!
  2. THE SPEEDY SIXTY.  Our most popular program, includes two multi-weight, extremely high-extract, Yamamoto WUN223 65# Washer-Extractors, two HT075 natural gas operated tumble dryers, and service and parts for $1035/month for a five year term!
  3. THE HARMONIC.  Purpose built for those businesses who enjoy customers with an eye for luxury, The Harmonic provides a WUD220S system and service and parts for $750.00/month for a five year term.

We are happy to tailor a leasing package for your exact needs throughout our wide range of equipment.  CALL US TODAY with any questions!  (615-885-1115)

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