Huebsch has updated it’s warranty!

Date: May 23, 2012
To: Huebsch Distributor Principals
From: Gary Dixon
Regarding: NEW Warranty


Huebsch has changed its
warranty on vended cabinet
hardmount washer extractors!
· All 20# through 80# vended cabinet hardmount washer
extractors produced after May 14, 2007 come with a 10-
year warranty on the following components:
1. Frame
2. Outer Tub
3. Cylinder
4. Shaft
5. Bearings and Seals
6. Bearing Housing
· We have eliminated the 25,000 cycle-count condition.
· We HAVE included the 80# units as well.
· The date of May 14, 2007 referenced above is the
“Production” date and not the “installation” date (Please refer
to the NEW warranty bond for specific details).


I do not yet have the new warranty bond, but I will post it when I do.

What are your thoughts?

Posted on: 23 May, 2012