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Happy About Clean Sheets

Well, folks, I had an interesting weekend.  Saturday night, I developed acute appendicitis, and in the space of a few hours, I was in some SERIOUS PAIN!!!  So, I headed to the ER, had a CT scan, and was wheeled into surgery…

I woke up the next day thinking about the sheets that I was snoozing in.  Boy, I was glad that they were clean (I hope)…  With all the things in a hospital that could get me, I sure hope they were using the correct chemicals to sterilize their linens.  Things to worry about areMRSA and other nasties.

Well, the big boys, like hospitals, use chemicals like Spartan Chemical’s products.  OPL laundry systems in smaller operations (I am looking at you High Schools) should begin to look seriously at utilizing the chemical injection capabilities of your equipment.  All of ourOPL equipment is plug and play for chemical set-up.  So, you can stop dangerous outbreaks through practice jerseys before they start.  And, you will find that using chemical injection will be much more cost effective than purchasing soap and putting it in the washer the old fashioned way.  If you need help, just call us up.  We don’t sell chemicals, but we have several vendor friends who will look at your situation.

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