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These 3 words have define National Laundry Equipment, LLC. In short, we provide top quality equipment, parts, service, and consultation for your commercial laundry needs. We serve the coin operated laundry and laundromat community as well as institutions in need of large on-premise laundry system applications.

Don’t Let Your Cashless Customers Starve. Seriously Bad Form

You ever go into a bad mamba-jamba FasCard enabled laundromat, put your clothes in the washer, hit go on your phone through your app…only to realize you’re a starvin’ pilgrim in need of a snack, and you just used your last drop of Tide?  Then you look around, and the freakin’ Coke machine and soap vendor use *gasp* QUARTERS.  QUARTERS OF ALL THINGS.  Now you gotta get dollars, put them in the changer, get 1974 era quarters that have been who-knows-where, then put them in the machine that will, nine-times-out-of-ten, jam.  That leaves you a starvin’, angry pilgrim without any Tide.  No good, amigo.  Well, we have the answer (you expected that, didn’t you).

Once you have your laundry rolling, it is always a great idea to consider other ways to bring in revenue.  Vision vender systems can really be a focal point in your store, and they will sync perfectly with your FasCard system.  Please give us a call, and we will be happy to tell you how to make more money on soap and snacks…through your loyalty, credit/debit, and cash revenue streams.  We have several models to choose from, so call us up!  (615) 885-1115.

Product Name: Vision ES Combo
Model Number: 1200-ES combo
Order Code: 1200-ES combo
Description: Vend-Rite`s original Vision snacks and soda vender (with compressor) combined with the ES vender (without compressor) which handles soap products ranging from single load to 50oz bottles.
Features: – Flexible shelves for maximum capacity.
– Multiple payment system, coin, bill or debit (MDB).
– Continuous system check and self diagnostics
– Accountablility and Sales data
– Large capacity locked cash box
– Shown with optional side bubble side panels.
Product dimensions: Overall: 63″W x 72″H x 38.5″D
Capacity: variable
Weight: 1400#
Color: blue bubble front panel graphics

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