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Don’t let your cashless customers starve. Seriously bad form

You ever go into a bad mamba-jamba FasCard enabled laundromat, put your clothes in the washer, hit go on your phone through your app…only to realize you’re a starvin’ pilgrim in need of a snack, and you just used your last drop of Tide?  Then you look around, and the freakin’ Coke machine and soap vendor use *gasp* QUARTERS.  QUARTERS OF ALL THINGS.  Now you gotta get dollars, put them in the changer, get 1974 era quarters that have been who-knows-where, then put them in the machine that will, nine-times-out-of-ten, jam.  That leaves you a starvin’, angry pilgrim without any Tide.  No good, amigo.  Well, we have the answer (you expected that, didn’t you).

Once you have your laundry rolling, it is always a great idea to consider other ways to bring in revenue.  Vision vender systems can really be a focal point in your store, and they will sync perfectly with your FasCard system.  Please give us a call, and we will be happy to tell you how to make more money on soap and snacks…through your loyalty, credit/debit, and cash revenue streams.  We have several models to choose from, so call us up!  (615) 885-1115.

Product Name: Vision ES Combo
Model Number: 1200-ES combo
Order Code: 1200-ES combo
Description: Vend-Rite`s original Vision snacks and soda vender (with compressor) combined with the ES vender (without compressor) which handles soap products ranging from single load to 50oz bottles.
Features: – Flexible shelves for maximum capacity.
– Multiple payment system, coin, bill or debit (MDB).
– Continuous system check and self diagnostics
– Accountablility and Sales data
– Large capacity locked cash box
– Shown with optional side bubble side panels.
Product dimensions: Overall: 63″W x 72″H x 38.5″D
Capacity: variable
Weight: 1400#
Color: blue bubble front panel graphics

Posted on: 17 Jan, 2018