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These 3 words have define National Laundry Equipment, LLC. In short, we provide top quality equipment, parts, service, and consultation for your commercial laundry needs. We serve the coin operated laundry and laundromat community as well as institutions in need of large on-premise laundry system applications.

Automatic Doors for Laundromats….Amazingly Simple Idea to Help Customers

I cannot wait to see you on October 10.  That’s a Wednesday.  Make a noggin note.
Check this out.  We just installed an automatically opening door from Doorma, a Knoxville company.  It is making a serious splash.  I am tracking the revenue to see if there will be a marked increase.  From the results so far, it looks like there will be.
Remember, the thing that separates us from our competitors is simply the experience of using our laundromats.  Nice, clean, and easy to use.
Check the link to the video.  Or just plop this in that box with all the weird words and letters at the top of your internet searching screen, you know, if you are still using dial up :  https://youtu.be/Ilv5lfYLrSg

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