National Laundry Equipment, LLC Launches Equipment Leasing Program


Are you stuck with old, broken down laundry equipment?  Are you waiting for a serviceman to fix your ancient, expensive-to-operate laundry equipment?  Are you watching your utilities bills skyrocket while your laundry room productivity plummet?


  • NO upfront capital needed!  National Laundry Equipment has a variety of packages that will provide you with brand new, highly efficient laundry equipment with no capital investment.
  • FREE installation!  National Laundry Equipment will cover the installation and freight of your equipment.  You will be up and running with incredible new equipment in no time.
  • EXTREME efficiency!  We only provide the best Huebsch and Yamamoto laundry equipment, that will save you money month after month with some of the most utilities pinching equipment on the planet.
  • EXTREME productivity!  Virtually eliminate downtime, and cut per load time with high G extract speeds on washer-extractors and super efficient dryers!
  • AWESOME flexibility!  No-one provides more options than National Laundry Equipment!  We even have leasing plans for the Harmony Cleaning System, that allows you to do dry-clean only material without dangerous dry-cleaning chemicals!
  • FREE replacement parts and service!  Your laundry equipment will be maintained by the best technicians on the planet.  Period.
  • PERFECT for businesses looking to simplify or offer more services at no upfront cost. 

Our Commercial Laundry Equipment Leasing Program is perfect for any business that needs new laundry equipment:  Hospitals, Hotels, Hopices, Nursing Homes, Gyms, Spas, etc.  Plus, leasing this equipment will keep it off your balance sheet- making it an attractive alternative for the savvy business manager looking to manage taxation and future tax liability.

MEDICAL FACILITIES:  Leasing of laundry equipment is often reimbursable by Medicare.  Just have a look at the CMS reporting forms!

So, if you need new, A-Tier, laundry equipment — equipment that will save you time and money — but don’t have the budget for that equipment or want to manage tax liability, please call us today about our equipment leasing program!

Common Packages Include:

  1.  THE SIXTY.  The sixty includes two HCN060 60# washer-extractors, two HT075 natural gas operated tumble dryers, and free service and parts for $850.00/month for a five year term!
  2. THE SPEEDY SIXTY.  Our most popular program, includes two multi-weight, extremely high-extract, Yamamoto WUN223 65# Washer-Extractors, two HT075 natural gas operated tumble dryers, and service and parts for $1035/month for a five year term!
  3. THE HARMONIC.  Purpose built for those businesses who enjoy customers with an eye for luxury, The Harmonic provides a WUD220S system and service and parts for $750.00/month for a five year term.

We are happy to tailor a leasing package for your exact needs throughout our wide range of equipment.  CALL US TODAY with any questions!

Popular Dry Cleaning Chemicals to be shortly banned.

Please see the original article here.

Thankfully, technologies such as the Harmony Cleaning System alleviate these problems in a cost effective manner!  The maestro cleaning agent cleans dry clean only items such as wool, silk, cashmere, rayon, leather, mouton, etc. without any shrinkage, compression, deformation, or fading.  Harmony is a truly amazing system that incorporates tumble dryer technology, so that the operator only needs one machine to wash and dry the material!  Save on cost, go eco-friendly, avoid regulation, and simplify your process.  The Harmony Cleaning System is your key to a better cleaning process.

California regulators on Thursday enacted the nation’s first statewide ban on the most common chemical used by dry cleaners, pleasing environmentalists but worrying some small businesses.

By 2023, no more dry-cleaning machines that use the toxic solvent perchloroethylene, a potential carcinogen, will be permitted in the state.

The regulation by the California Air Resources Board will phase out the fluid next year, banning dry cleaners from buying machines that rely on the solvent. The state’s 3,400 dry cleaners who now use it must get rid of machines that are 15 years or older by July 2010.

“Dry cleaners have known this is a problem for quite some time,” board member Dorene D’Adamo said. “There is a cost to society, and believe me, taxpayers are paying for it.”

The rule was approved unanimously by the seven-member board and was embraced by environmental and health advocates. They urged the board to accelerate the ban because of the chemical’s health effects. The solvent has contaminated one in 10 wells in California.

Meanwhile, cleaners said eliminating the most common dry cleaning solvent could drive them out of business because alternative methods are unproven and more costly.

Big potential costs for small shops
“It could shut down some mom-and-pop operations — the little guys that can’t afford it,” said Bob Blackburn, president of the California Cleaners Association.

The cost of converting could be significant for dry cleaners, 85 percent of which are small business with a slim profit margin.

Replacing a machine that uses perchloroethylene, which is known as “perc,” can cost between $41,500 and $175,000.

What alternative should be allowed in California is still under debate. Dry cleaners that switched to other systems sought to sway the board in favor of their preference.

Although the air board did not endorse a substitute, the regulation would give cleaners a $10,000 incentive to buy a machine that uses carbon dioxide or a what is known as a “wet cleaning” system.

Environmentalists urged the board to ban the most common alternative, which uses hydrocarbons. Critics said it could lead to increased ozone pollution.

“It seems to me there needs to be some clarity,” said air board member Ron Rogers. “I think some of the primary options are really questionable at best.”

The board’s vote follows similar action five years ago by the South Coast Air Quality Management District in Southern California. That agency became the first regulatory body in the country to ban perchloroethylene, forcing more than 2,000 dry cleaners to stop using the chemical by 2020.

Businesses refute toxicity claims
California declared perchloroethylene a toxic chemical in 1991. State health officials told the air board Thursday that it can cause esophageal cancer, lymphoma, cervical and bladder cancer.

Business owners disputed those claims.

“We believe perc has served the industry well for many years with no related health problems,” said John Horst, owner of Margaret’s Cleaners in La Jolla, which has operated for more than 50 years.

About 70 percent of the state’s dry cleaners use the chemical and will be affected by the regulation.

Cleaners operating in residential buildings must remove their perchloroethylene machines by July 2010. Health advocates want the earlier timeline applied to cleaners operating near schools, retirement homes, day care centers and medical buildings.


Clean show is sold out for the first time in 20 years!     Check out the original article here.

All exhibit space for June 5-8 show in Vegas has been reserved

LAS VEGAS — All available exhibit space for the upcoming Clean Show here June 5-8 in the Las Vegas Convention Center has been sold, reports show management company Riddle & Associates.

The Clean Show—formally the World Educational Congress for Laundering and Drycleaning—brings together all segments of the textile care industry every other year. It celebrates its 40-year anniversary in 2017.

“We are excited to have such great participation for this historic event,” says Mary Scalco, Clean Show chairman and CEO of co-sponsor Drycleaning and Laundry Institute (DLI). “Though it’s been close in other years, the last time exhibit space was completely sold out was in 1997.”

Attendee pre-registration is, according to Riddle, also up “substantially” from the 2015 show in Atlanta that drew 11,264.

The Las Vegas show will offer attendees more than 481 exhibits and 23 different educational sessions covering every facet of textile care. Total exhibit space is 227,006 net square feet.

There is still time to register to attend Clean ’17. Discounted pre-registration is available online at through Wednesday, May 31. Cost is $119 per person for members of any one of the show’s sponsoring associations, $149 for non-members. Sponsors are Association for Linen Management (ALM)Coin Laundry Association (CLA), DLI, Textile Care Allied Trades Association (TCATA) and TRSA, the association for the linen, uniform and facility services industry.

After the May 31 cutoff, attendees will have to register onsite at the Convention Center at a cost of $169 per person regardless of association membership.

In all cases, the registration fee covers entrance to the exhibit hall all four days of the show and admittance to any educational sessions.

Doing good for your community through your laundry

This is a great American Coin Op Article.  See the original article here:


Make your store the venue for good things to happen

Your Laundromat can be much more than the small business that provides your livelihood and supports your family. It can be a community gathering spot, a place where families can come to do their laundry but also enjoy a holiday party, bring their children for after-school tutoring, or even get health testing.

During its recent Excellence in Laundry Conference here, the Coin Laundry Association invited a handful of store owners who actively promote community activities through their stores to speak to their peers about why they involve themselves in more than just providing laundry services.

Paul Pettefer owns four Laundry World stores in and around Lake Charles, La. As a Christ-following business owner driven to bring his half white-half black city together, he’s straightforward about using his stores as places to tell stories about the causes he’s passionate about, particularly those involving low-income families.

He frequently hires young locals to assist with equipment installations or other projects in and around his stores. His sign out front often carries messages of peace and prosperity. He partners with local churches and organizations in providing different ministries.

On a personal note, he’s gained a reputation in his community as being quite a barbecue chef (“The Bishop of BBQ”). He even repurposed a dryer into a smoker that he sometimes uses at community events.

“What are you going to do with your platform?” Pettefer asks. “The press will pick it up if you have a cool story and you tell them about it. There’s an art to writing a press release, it takes a long time. But if you write one, they’ll publish it.”

How to find the right distributor part 2

The conclusion of the article found here by Kathryn Rowan


Building Trust Between Operator and Distributor (Conclusion)


two people shaking hands on puzzle pieces

(Credit: © Michael Darcy Brown/Image licensed by Ingram Publishing)

Kathryn Q. Rowen |

What separates a good distributor from a great one?

RIPON, Wis. — Choosing the right distributor to partner with is an important factor in the success of your laundry business.

A good distributor will provide extensive industry knowledge, durable equipment and reliable service; a great distributor, however, is a trusted partner who goes above and beyond to build and maintain a lasting personal and professional relationship.

Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate a distributor and ensure they meet your requirements will save you from the disappointments that can come with working with a less-than-exceptional distributor.

You shouldn’t—and don’t have to—settle for less. Great distributors are out there—here’s how to identify them and ensure they are willing and able to foster a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.


Accessibility and responsiveness are crucial in separating a good distributor from a great one.

A less-than-great distributor will set a customer up with equipment, but may disappear after the sale closes. A great distributor continues to support the customer well after the purchase, making themselves available to their customers 24/7.

Arthur Wechsler, coin and OPL specialist at Ed Brown Distributors, Dallas, takes the time to regularly check up on his customers to ensure they’re satisfied. He even visits operators who have purchased from a competitor to find out why.

According to Karl Hinrichs, president of HK Laundry Equipment, Armonk, N.Y., customers should feel comfortable calling their distributor for advice or help, even if it’s outside of normal business hours.

The great distributor will communicate with customers however they’re most comfortable—whether by phone call, e-mail or text message—and always responds in a timely manner.

“If a customer has a problem, a good distributor will tell them where to go to fix it, but a great distributor will hold their hand and show them how to fix it, together,” says Hinrichs.

Marc Katzman, president of Metropolitan Laundry Machinery, South Richmond Hill, N.Y., agrees that the customer comes first.

“If at any point a customer starts to rethink something or needs an expert opinion, we take the time to talk them through the process and make sure they understand every aspect,” he says. “Anything they need from us, we’re there for them.”


A great distributor always has the customer’s best interest in mind and shares their vision for success.

“It’s not just about selling equipment and making money; it’s about doing the right thing for the customer to achieve success and profitability,” says Katzman.

A great distributor is honest and feels a responsibility to answer their customers’ questions truthfully, giving genuine advice and recommendations about equipment and store locations.

Additionally, loyalty to both customer and brand are important. According to Katzman, great distributors focus on select brands—instead of having many products that compete against each other—and are loyal to these brands.

They align themselves to the best products available, which strengthens the distributor’s relationship with the manufacturer, allowing the distributor to take advantage of all the services and expertise the manufacturer can offer.


Finding the right distributor to partner with will lend itself to building and maintaining a strong, mutually beneficial relationship.

According to Hinrichs, a great distributor builds and maintains loyal relationships by keeping promises, over-delivering, being respectful of customers and honoring commitments.

“All good relationships—professional or otherwise—are built on a foundation of trust,” Wechsler says. “I answer all my customers’ questions truthfully, even if it doesn’t end up benefiting me. If you lie to a customer for any reason, you lose all credibility.”

Similarly, Katzman’s philosophy in building successful relationships with customers focuses on the golden rule—treating people how you’d want to be treated.

According to Wechsler, it’s not up to the customer to support the relationship. A great distributor will offer a strong foundation on which to build a relationship, nurture the relationship with trust and integrity, and make it last by continuing to be accessible to the customer whenever necessary.

But there are several things a customer can do to make the relationship stronger, says Hinrichs, including asking comprehensive questions.

“The most educated store owner is the best customer,” he says.

At the end of the day, it’s in the hands of the store owner to evaluate distributors to find the right one that meets their requirements, and it’s the distributor that is responsible for following through on its promises.

About the author

Building trust between Operator and Distributor

Our favorite Kathryn Rowan has a great article in American Coin-Op.


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Building Trust Between Operator and Distributor (Part 1)



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Kathryn Q. Rowen |

Laying the groundwork for a mutually beneficial partnership

RIPON, Wis. — Choosing the right distributor to partner with is an important factor in the success of your laundry business.

A good distributor will provide extensive industry knowledge, durable equipment and reliable service; a great distributor, however, is a trusted partner who goes above and beyond to build and maintain a lasting personal and professional relationship.

Taking the time to thoroughly evaluate a distributor and ensure they meet your requirements will save you from the disappointments that can come with working with a less-than-exceptional distributor.

You shouldn’t—and don’t have to—settle for less. Great distributors are out there—here’s how to identify them and ensure they are willing and able to foster a mutually beneficial partnership for years to come.


At the very least, a good distributor will have numerous years of experience at a brick-and-mortar location, which allows them to understand the area they serve, provides a storefront where customers can find them, and a home base that all staff can work out of together.

They will also have a wealth of industry and equipment knowledge, giving them the expertise to advise customers on viable store locations; Laundromat layout and design; demographic information and financing options.

However, a solid customer-distributor relationship is built on much more than the basics.

When separating a “good-enough” distributor from a great distributor, it comes down to their ability and desire to go above and beyond the standards.

A great distributor will also offer original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, several service technicians, a showroom of equipment and the ability to perform installations.

According to Karl Hinrichs, president of HK Laundry Equipment, Armonk, N.Y., a great distributor will have at least 10 years of experience, a proven track record of industry success and a portfolio of references and testimonials from satisfied customers.

When it comes to key personality traits, a great distributor is honest; technologically and industry-savvy; organized; and can multitask efficiently.

Great distributors can also provide performance and revenue estimates, evaluate sites and locations, respond with CAD drawings and demographic studies, as well as walk customers through an acquisition process.


A full-service distributor with plenty of staff is what you should look for if you desire a true business partner.

Independent distributors may be good distributors, but many of them work alone, without the support of the right team members.

“If a one-person independent distributor goes on vacation, there’s no one to cover for them,” says Hinrichs.

“They have very limited capabilities by not being able to handle multiple customers at once. Choosing a full-service distributor is important when it comes to choosing a partner that can provide everything you need for your Laundromat—beyond just equipment.”


Industry knowledge is another key distinction between a good distributor and a great distributor. When choosing a distributor, think of it as partnering with a laundry business consultant, rather than a salesperson.

Your distributor should be a strong and reliable source for industry knowledge and act as a resource at your disposal, able to provide advice and help you make intelligent decisions for your individualized business.

According to Marc Katzman, president of Metropolitan Laundry Machinery, South Richmond Hill, N.Y., experience is knowledge, and great distributors have plenty of it.

Great distributors also stay up-to-date on the latest equipment and technology by attending trade shows, visiting Laundromats and reading industry publications to maintain their expert status.

Hinrichs agrees, adding that distributors should have extensive knowledge surrounding the following areas:

  • Selecting a location or building a store, including insight on nearby competition and vend pricing
  • Designing the layout of a Laundromat
  • Orchestrating all details that go into opening a Laundromat
  • Technical specifications of a Laundromat
  • Marketing insight based on laundry industry trends
  • Operational knowledge on how a Laundromat runs
  • Equipment, maintenance, ancillary services and store policies
  • Other services available to the customer that come from having a strong relationship with the equipment manufacturer, including financing options and access to OEM parts

Check back on Tuesday for the conclusion!

About the author

Kathryn Q. Rowen


North American Sales Manager

Kathryn Q. Rowen is the Huebsch® North American sales manager and may be reached at

HWN2PP Toploading Washer Transmission issues

Certain HWN2PP toploading washers (as well as all current Alliance Laundry System Toploading models — like Speed Queen) may experience transmission failures.  The problem is not actually in the transmission itself, and is simple to fix.  Call us for help at 615-885-1115 or visit us at our website for more information.

The washer part number is 35535, and you simply add it to the design as in the below picture.Extra washer

In the News!

We are very proud to be in the news!  Thank you Huebsch!

National Laundry
Store Owner Gives Laundromat a Lift with Huebsch®
Signage, aesthetics, colors and innovative equipment are crucial when creating a laundromat’s unique brand to ultimately make it stand out among the competition. That’s the secret behind John D. (J.D.) Dixon’s success in transforming a rundown store into a thoughtfully designed, well-organized and aesthetically pleasing laundromat in Dickson, Tennessee. From the second customers walk through the door, they experience a clean, contemporary environment unmatched by any other in the area. That’s why it’s their laundromat of choice.

Transforming a Laundromat into an Experience

As an equipment distributor with almost a decade of experience in the laundry industry, Dixon has helped build his fair share of vended laundries. After years of identifying and following market trends and helping his customers give their stores distinctive looks, Dixon put his experience to a personal test in 2014 when designing his own laundromat.

He purchased a building that previously housed a dated, rundown laundromat that eventually went under. The fact that it had been a long-standing, well-known laundromat in the community worked to Dixon’s advantage. Once he finished renovations and reopened, Dixon was able to re-attract former customers and take some business away from competitors.

With a clear vision for his new laundromat – a simple, yet elegant, store that gets customers in and out quickly – Dixon transformed the existing 3,600-square-feet over 90 days.

The previous owner had installed machines from a competitor that dated back to the mid-90s. Dixon replaced all of them with those from his manufacturer of choice: Huebsch®. The store is equipped with 65 machines, most of which feature Huebsch’s innovative Galaxy™ 600 control system. The majority of washer-extractors are 30- and 40-pound capacity, and he’s also sprinkled in several 60- and 80-pound machines among five top load washers. National Laundry provides customers with a selection of energy efficient 30- and 45-pound stacked tumble dryers, and a few 75-pound dryers, which, according to Dixon, “outsell the smaller capacities.”

“I’m very happy with the equipment mix, but if I could do it over I would have installed more of the large-capacity machines,” admitted Dixon. “Customers love them, and they’re much more popular than I ever expected.”

With three different aesthetically pleasing control panel overlay options now available on select Huebsch cabinet hardmount washer-extractors, tumble dryers and stacked tumble dryers, Dixon selected Cityscape. Cityscape features a gray control panel complemented by a splash of vivid green. Additionally, a polished chrome door handle – now a standard offering – and a Halo chrome door ring give it a shiny accent.

“I truly believe if you place a machine with Cityscape and chrome accents next to a more generic-looking machine the customer will choose the former,” Dixon said. “My customers frequently comment on how gorgeous the equipment is – that it’s exciting, that it’s modern-looking. It has personality.”

The addition of innovative, top-of-the-line Huebsch machines with Cityscape and modern chrome accents also inspired him to give his store a complete facelift.

Dixon replaced lighting and flooring, and added fresh paint. The layout was improved to provide a more cohesive user experience and reduce the number of steps a customer must take in the store. Additionally, flat screen televisions were added to provide entertainment and to continually run a video that provides instructions on how to operate equipment. Modern signage provides additional instructions.

“It’s easy to notice the positive difference when revamping an entire store, but even small changes can go a long way in transforming a store’s brand and improving the customer experience,” he said.

Dixon wanted to do more than just revamp his store, he wanted his store to be an experience. He offers vending machines and video games to keep his customers entertained while they wait. Free Wi-Fi is also available. Dixon even set up a Facebook page, allowing customers to provide feedback about their experience, which he’s used to make further adjustments to his offering. Because of Facebook comments, Dixon has added more laundry carts for customers.

“The Facebook page has been a great tool to engage with customers,” he said. “I’ve received a lot of really great ideas from customers who use the stores, and they love it when you implement something they come up with.”

Note from Alliance Laundry Systems

Please see the following note on service from Alliance Laundry Systems, manufacturer of Huebsch, Speed Queen, Ipso, Primus, UniMac, and other brands of laundry equipment (paraphrased).

Product Type:  All Products

Subject:  Troubleshooting Support Policy


Alliance Laundry Systems has always been focused on improving the quality of the products we manufacture for our valued customers.  These efforts have resulted in robust, industry-leading designs that have greatly increased our product’s life expectancies.

Alliance Laundry Systems’ technical support occasionally receives calls related to products manufactured more than 25 years ago.  Providing technical assistance for this older equipment is difficult because of the undocumented, aftermarket modifications that have often been made.

To continue our mission of providing Customer One service to you, Alliance Laundry Systems is establishing a troubleshooting support policy.  Effective May 1st, 2015, Alliance Laundry Systems’ technical support will no longer provide troubleshooting assistance for machines manufactured 25 or more years ago.  If a call is received requesting troubleshooting assistance on a product that was manufactured 25 or more years ago, we will refer the caller to you, National Laundry Equipment, LLC for assistance or as a candidate for sale of new equipment.  However, if a caller requests service parts information from technical support, we will assist the customer only if the customer’s model number is available in Parts Connection and if the service part the customer has requested can be purchased from Genuine Parts.

This troubleshooting support policy offers several benefits to you and to your customers.  Because of this policy, we can expect to be able to answer technical support calls faster.  Additionally, discussing equipment replacement options with customers as an alternative to troubleshooting older products is an excellent opportunity for National Laundry Equipment, LLC’s sales team to reinforce the time management and energy efficiencies that are available with Alliance Laundry Systems’ current products.  We appreciate your cooperation with the troubleshooting support policy and look forward to working together toward its successful implementation.


New Products coming from Huebsch!

Starting in June, 120/60/1 will now be available on the 30# & 40# Huebsch washer-extractor (and will be capable of 200G). We should be seeing pricing on that option in the next month or so. Wascomat’s single phase hardmounts are available in 100G only, so this is a great selling point. I really see this as a useful product for retools where banks of toploaders need replacing with larger equipment without doing expensive upgrades to electrical. I will get you more info as soon as I see it.


The Galaxy 600 Horizon should be out around that time. This machine will feature time of day, multi-level vend, 30 selectable water levels and IR device programming. The prototype in the booth was a really big draw!

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