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Smart, Tough, Forever Machines.

Every now and again something comes across my field of view that is truly astounding. While I was in Las Vegas at the Clean Show last summer, I became acquainted with the Yamamoto family of laundry equipment. It blew my mind. Why?

It is bomb proof. This thing is built to last. In fact, they call it the “forever machine.” And for good reason. Look at the construction! I attached a picture just so you can get an idea of how powerful this thing really is.

Here are some specs on the 65# multi-weight machine (meaning you don’t have to worry about ruining your bearings if you under-load it, the way you do most machines).

Yamamoto 223
 65 Pound Washer – but you don’t have to put 65# in it.
 318 G Force Extraction – super high extraction
 7.5 Horse Power Motor – bigger and stronger than the competition
 10.1 Volume Cu.Ft – you could fit a lot of stuff in there
 Soft Mount Machine(Does not require special concrete depth, just hard concrete)(Money Saved!!!)
 Auto Lubricator – no worrying about greasing the bearings
 Steam Connection Standard – if you are into that kind of thing
 Multi Weight Machine – your folks aren’t gonna mess it up if they don’t get the load just right
 3 Belt Pulley – more belts for a stronger motor.
 100 Wash Formulas – yeah that’s a lot. The thing is a smart machine.
 10 Water Level Settings – easy to program
 8 Chemical Ports – for all those washing and softning chemicals
 Unit Weight: 1,952 Pounds – yeah, it is built like a tank. Told you.
 Door Opening Size: 18.7” – easy to load and unload.

Another thing to note. Go check the actual extract speed programmed into your “high-extract” machine. I have personally seen, in the last couple of weeks, 4 very nice and very expensive washer-extractors capable of 400 G force extraction that were dialed down to 100G extraction…because the concrete was not poured in a single slab over 12 inches deep. That is right. If you want the super high extract speeds, you have to set MOST machines on a 12 inch deep or greater slab (greater depending on machine size). Well, the distributor that sold you that sports-car machine didn’t tell you that, did they? And they sold you that bad boy. And they dialed down your machine so it wouldn’t break your pad…but paid a lot more money for those 400 Gs you can’t use.

Yeah, this isn’t a joke. Happens every day. Another thing: did the installers install an air gap in that drain for that 400G machine? Because if they did not, that thing can create a vacuum in the drain and suck sewage into your washing machine…with your “clean” linens in it. Not good.

OK, well check out this beast. You can get the full high speed extraction on only 4 inches of concrete pad. No need to dig out a huge section of your laundry room and pour a monster pad. This machine dampens the vibration, so it won’t crack your pad. Also, it won’t suck the ewww back up into your bed sheets. It is specifically engineered to avoid that.

So call us, and let us fill you in on the Yamamoto machine. You will like it.
(615) 885-1115.

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