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Should my Coin Laundry Have a Facebook Page?

The answer is yes, yes, and yes.  We believe that your coin laundry is not just a laundry.  It is, in fact, a social gathering place.  Whether you know it or not, people actually do socialize in your laundry.  So, why not make it easy for them!  Here are some tips:

1.  Make sure your page allows your customers to post — start and comment on threads.  This gives them ownership and makes them interested in returning.

2.  Tell them (all over your store) that you have a facebook page and how to find it.

3.  Place QR codes around the store that takes your customer’s mobile devices right to your facebook page.  You would not believe thegrowth in mobile devices.  Here is a good QR code generator.  It is free.  Do it!

4.  Interact with your customers on Facebook!  Allow them to offer suggestions and answer their questions.  You will need to monitor and occasionally remove a post or two, but you will be surprised at how positive their comments will be.

5.  Offer Facebook only deals.  This is most easily done if you have an attendant.  Maybe print off a coupon for a free topload wash.  There are lots of ways to make your customers happy through Facebook.

The main thing is to use social media, like Facebook, to differentiate yourself from the competition.  You will increase your laundry business if you make your customers feel that they have some small kind of ownership in your laundry.  This is most easily done through facebook!

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