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Rosco Overman is Looking for Him a Woman

Rosco is looking for him a woman.  So, where does he decide to post this “want ad”?  Believe it or not, the coin laundry!  Your laundry is, in fact, a community center — not just a place to wash and dry clothes.  SO, with that in mind, why not see it that way?

Here at National Laundry Equipment, we operate a good sized route laundry business.  We have noticed an important trend.  The apartments that one central laundry room do much better in laundry income than apartments that have a few machines in each building.  Why?  Well, it gets back to the same principle.  LAUNDRY ROOMS AND LAUNDROMATS ARE SOCIAL GATHERING PLACES!!!

Ok, so who cares…right?  Well, as a laundry owner, you do.  You want to get in front of your competition?  Make your laundry the best hangout spot around.  Part of that is creating an easy way to communicate.  SOCIAL MEDIA BABY!!!

Check out foursquare.  People can check in and tell all their friends that they are at your store!  Also, make sure you have a facebook page and allow your customers to post and start threads.  Amazing what you can accomplish.

Well, we hope old Roscoe finds his woman.  Maybe, with a little luck, he will find love during the spin cycle!

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