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Paolo Sebastian Recognizes Awesome

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are stoked about October 10 over here at National.  Rob is basically like a kid waiting on Christmas.  October 10 is now the slowest day of the year.  We can’t wait to see you.

So we got some news.  Pretty freaking amazing news, this.  This dude, Paolo Sebastian, designer of super dainty wedding gowns and dresses, likes the Harmony Cleaning system so much that he endorsed us.  That’s right, he wants his dresses that he sells for significantly more than I paid for my truck to be washed in a Harmony Cleaning machine.  That’s because he recognizes awesome when he sees it.  And this thing is awesome.

Have a gander at the dresses he puts together gliding by on some super willowy models in some elvish forest or something.  Very fashion forward. And, to a guy who is not a slave to fashion, it looks pretty swanky.  Click this link or drop this in your thingie that takes you to the interwebs:  http://paolosebastian.com/collections/2018-ss-couture/#/image/1

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