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Happy Thanksgiving! AND, Sadly, We Are Getting Hit with a Price Increase. Beat That Thing!

Happy fall and happy Thanksgiving!

It is about time to stuff ourselves with stuffing. And turkey. And cranberry sauce.  And pie.  It is going to be great.  Have fun.
So, some bad news.  And, I promise, we can not help it.  BUT, here is the deal.  Alliance Laundry Systems, the manufacturer of the amazing Huebsch washing machine will raise the prices of all their products between 5% and 7% starting December 1, 2018.
SO, we can keep current pricing if we place an order BEFORE the end of November.  SO, if you are considering some new equipment, please holler at us by November 30, 2018, so we can get your order up to Ripon, WI where the stuff is made.  That way, you won’t get dinged the extra dinero.  I know.  It sucks.  But, at least we let you know!
Back to the happy stuff now, because that is what we are all about!  Enjoy the cool weather and the lower utilities bills in those buildings!
Have a great holiday season, folks, and come by when you can.  We make terrible coffee around here, but at least it is hot!

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