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ESD Smart Card Systems for Multi-Housing Guest Coin Laundry

ESD makes some really innovative systems for “cashless” coin laundry.  They will soon be debuting a fantastic pay-with-your phone system, that I will be using on my route.  I want to share you the copy on their website, because I believe in the company.




Value For Your Residents

Our cashless smart card systems eliminate the need for residents to search their pockets for enough coins required to fulfill the weekly chore of doing laundry. The average family washes over eight loads of laundry every week, and most likely uses the dryer eight times to complete their wash cycle. Using this example your residents are responsible for finding almost 100 quarters a week just to do their laundry. ESD’s smart card systems allow each resident to receive his or her own smart card to which they can add value at any time, and eliminate the cumbersome task of finding quarters.

With ESD’s smart card system you can offer a modern, coinless and cashless laundry facility to all residents as a first-class amenity. In today’s competitive rental market offering value-added convenience and security can ensure you keep your existing residents from moving, as well as allow you to market your laundry facility as a true amenity. You can even offer laundry use as included in the monthly rent, and increase customer satisfaction with “real time” refunds when they experience a service problem with a washer or dryer. If safety is a concern the ESD’s smart card system offers an optional door access system that only allows your residents to enter the laundry facilities!

Value For Property Owners and Managers

Offering laundry facilities for your residence is not only a very valuable added amenity; it should also be a large profit center for you. Have you ever thought about raising vend prices on your washers and dryers due to rising utility costs, but were afraid it would upset your tenants? With traditional coin activation you are forced to raise prices at quarter increments. With ESD’s smart card systems you can raise prices in penny increments – just like we all see every day at our local gas stations.

Would you like to have more control over the income in your laundry room? Most of us have learned lessons from the “great recession” and we are demanding increased transparency and accountability. Our cashless systems offer on-demand financial reporting so you can rest assured you know exactly how much money your laundry room is taking, and maybe more importantly, how much has been collected. ESD’s smart card systems offer the best way to keep control of your laundry room income. Plus The hassle of collecting all those dirty quarters is a thing of the past.

Additionally, your customers will appreciate the stores flexibility regarding raising prices. With ESD’s cashless payment systems you can raise pricing by penny increments, which means your customers do not get penalized because of an antiquated payment system that only allows for quarter increment increases.

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