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Charge More For Hot Water. Seriously. Do it.

Ok people.  I am about to throw some numbers at you, so sit up straight and focus on your screen.  Put the coffee down.  You aren’t going to need it in a minute.
Those of you who know me know that I am what you call a numbers guy.  I can’t help it.  And it is annoying to everyone.  Especially my wife, who can’t understand why everything has to go in neat numerical order.  Math rules.  Dogs drool.  And I like dogs too.  I have no idea what that’s about, but I have your attention, don’t I?
Now, I get a lot of store owners telling me that their customers won’t like paying more for hot water.  Yeah?  Well are you in business to make moola (can I use the word scrilla?  I think I can, so I am about to roll it in there). You aren’t in business to create laundry love.  Even if you gave this service away, some people would get their undies tied around their whatevers about who knows what.
So I am going to tell you this.  I charge A LOT more for hot water.  Right now it is set on buck fifty more on 40’s, 60’s, and 80’s.  I am about to raise it again, because I don’t play, and I like scrilla.  Check me out now.
With that price range held for a year, scope the report below.
Multi-Vend Analysis Report
Date Range 3-1-2017 to 3-1-2018
Generated: 3/1/2018 1:32 PM (Central Standard Time)
Equipment Type Selected Option Count Percent
20lb Washer Totals Starts 6927 100%
Normal Hot 2639 38.1%
Normal Warm 926 13.37%
Normal Cold 3189 46.04%
Blankets Cold 12 0.17%
Delicate Warm 42 0.61%
Delicate Cold 119 1.72%
Extra Wash 173 2.5%
Extra Rinse 222 3.2%
30lb Washer Totals Starts 12112 100%
Normal Hot 5580 46.07%
Normal Warm 1657 13.68%
Normal Cold 4701 38.81%
Blankets Cold 54 0.45%
Delicate Warm 71 0.59%
Delicate Cold 49 0.4%
Extra Wash 439 3.62%
Extra Rinse 482 3.98%
40lb Washer Totals Starts 14364 100%
Normal Hot 8984 62.55%
Normal Warm 1197 8.33%
Normal Cold 4011 27.92%
Blankets Cold 77 0.54%
Delicate Warm 29 0.2%
Delicate Cold 66 0.46%
Extra Wash 571 3.98%
Extra Rinse 504 3.51%
60lb Washer Totals Starts 11947 100%
Normal Hot 9066 75.89%
Normal Warm 750 6.28%
Normal Cold 2017 16.88%
Blankets Cold 68 0.57%
Delicate Warm 21 0.18%
Delicate Cold 25 0.21%
Extra Wash 355 2.97%
Extra Rinse 340 2.85%
80lb Washer Totals Starts 8304 100%
Normal Hot 5837 70.29%
Normal Warm 671 8.08%
Normal Cold 1675 20.17%
Blankets Cold 75 0.9%
Delicate Warm 24 0.29%
Delicate Cold 22 0.26%
Extra Wash 361 4.35%
Extra Rinse 270 3.25%


Yeah.  These are real numbers, yo. That 80# washer extractor bank rocks 70.29% hot water use….EVEN THOUGH I CHARGE MORE FOR THAT PRECIOUS HOT IN THE WATER.  Yeah, so don’t tell me people are mad about that.  They get it.  The guy down the street doesn’t charge more, and last time I pulled his water bills, he was doing about 1/3 of the business that I was doing at this particular store.  You got that right.  I pulled his water bills.  Because, I am sneaky.  Get over it, and start doing it yourself. You need to know where you are and where the bad guys are.  Most utilities will give you the usage numbers.  You just have to ask.

OH, and how did I snag such a bad-arse report?  I have the FASCARD system.  And you should too.  I use it on my route and in my laundries.  I wouldn’t run a laundry without it.  Unless you want to be blind, you need it too.  Got all kinds of reports and data you can snag and follow.  Makes you a better business human, so you can smack down the primitive simian down the street.  Think about it.  Because, that’s what smart business humans do…we think.

All right.  Now that you are running to your laundry to add money to the warm and hot water vend prices and put more of that sweet scrilla in your fanny pack, remember this:  CALL US IF WE CAN HELP.  (615)-885-1115.  We’re good at it.  But you already knew that, and that’s why we love you.

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