Open House and Customer Appreciation, Wed, Oct 10!

It is a gorgeous summer day here in Nashville, and we are getting more and more excited about seeing you at our open house on October 10.  That is a Wednesday.  You don’t have to worry about death by powerpoint, but there will be a bunch of folks around to help you with what you want help with.  We aren’t going to fill the day with seminars that are really designed to get you to buy a bunch of stuff you don’t need.  


Brother Joe Stone will be showing some great maintenance and repair stuff – to keep you turning.  We also have some folks from FasCard, Yamamoto, Harmony, AO Smith, and other manufacturers here for you to get to know.


Come on in, have beer or a cold drink, eat some low country broil (cooked by the one and only Andy Street), and enjoy the day with us.  I can’t wait.


Do me a favor and pop me an email to let me know you are coming.  We don’t want to run out of refreshments!


Old Dog Sanctuary and NLE team up to solve a laundry problem

Looking forward to seeing you on October 10 at our place.  We might even have beer.  So come by and celebrate yourself.  Because, you are awesome.  And we owe it to you.  Thank you.

Yesterday the folks here at National Laundry Equipment had the honor to install a Yamamoto 302 softmount washer extractor and a Huebsch HT120 120# tumble dryer at Old Friends Senior Dog Sanctuary.  You really should check these people out.  If you’re like me, you like dogs.  And if you like dogs, you’re going to like these people.  Check them out here, or follow this link:

They have a great facebook page as well, so go out there and like it.  You will find that here:

As for the equipment itself, this particular washer-extractor and tumble dryer combination is made up of the most bomb proof stuff we have seen to date.  The Yamamoto tool-less drain system will save these senior dog caretaker folks about a thousand years in time, since they can easily clean out the universe of dog hair that would usually clog the drain.  Better, they now actually have the capacity to keep up with the need – hundreds of dog beds that need to be washed pretty much daily.  That Huebsch 120 # tumble dryer will keep up nicely, and since the Yamamoto 302 has a spin speed of super-duper-high, there won’t be a bottle neck in the dryer. Seriously.  That Yamamoto 302 beat the Millennium Falcon in the Kessel Run by like 3 parsecs.  It’s fast.  Flips off the switch and is in bed before the room gets dark.  Fast.

Check this speed-laced, dog hair eatin’, time maximizin’ system by watching our less-than-a-minute vid.

Pop this in your browser, and hit the ENTER key or maybe it is a crooked arrow thing that is supposed to mean ENTER:

Citron Looks Nice!

Looking forward to seeing you October 10 at our place.  That’s a Wednesday, so mark it down.  Come eat some low country broil.  Have a good time.  And hang out at the NLE mothership on Lewis St.  We are gonna have a good time.

I never would have believed it until I saw it.  Citron, the laundry equipment with the Huebsch green overlay, looks amazing.  We just set these dryers in a store we are currently working to complete.  Scope the amazingness.  I like.  What do you think


This stuff is HUGE

Can’t wait to see you at our place on October 10 for some low country broil.  That’s a Wednesday.  It is going to be good, and it is all for you.  So show up, eat up, and have a little fun here at the NLE headquarters.


Less importantly, Sam over here wants to remind you that we do gigantic laundry equipment.  Like the ones in these pictures.  You need something to process more linen or to process that stuff more efficiently?  We are your huckleberry.  That’s just our game.  So call us.   


Oh yeah, the guy in these pics is taken.  So don’t even think about it unless you want a mean blond chick on your tail.  Seriously, you don’t want to mess.

Much love to you.  See you Oct 10.

Paolo Sebastian Recognizes Awesome

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are stoked about October 10 over here at National.  Rob is basically like a kid waiting on Christmas.  October 10 is now the slowest day of the year.  We can’t wait to see you.

So we got some news.  Pretty freaking amazing news, this.  This dude, Paolo Sebastian, designer of super dainty wedding gowns and dresses, likes the Harmony Cleaning system so much that he endorsed us.  That’s right, he wants his dresses that he sells for significantly more than I paid for my truck to be washed in a Harmony Cleaning machine.  That’s because he recognizes awesome when he sees it.  And this thing is awesome.

Have a gander at the dresses he puts together gliding by on some super willowy models in some elvish forest or something.  Very fashion forward. And, to a guy who is not a slave to fashion, it looks pretty swanky.  Click this link or drop this in your thingie that takes you to the interwebs:

Automatic doors for laundromats….amazingly simple idea to help customers

I cannot wait to see you on October 10.  That’s a Wednesday.  Make a noggin note.
Check this out.  We just installed an automatically opening door from Doorma, a Knoxville company.  It is making a serious splash.  I am tracking the revenue to see if there will be a marked increase.  From the results so far, it looks like there will be.  
Remember, the thing that separates us from our competitors is simply the experience of using our laundromats.  Nice, clean, and easy to use.
Check the link to the video.  Or just plop this in that box with all the weird words and letters at the top of your internet searching screen, you know, if you are still using dial up :

Open House Coming Up — What can offer at the show that you want to see?

We are really excited to announce that we will be hosting a customer appreciation open house in October!  Andy Street of AO Smith water heaters has been kind enough to do a LOW COUNTRY BROIL — and believe me, this dude can cook.  So you won’t want to miss that.


My question to you is this:  What do you want to see?

  1. Speakers on best practices / new technology in the laundry business?
  2. Service / Maintenance schools to help you troubleshoot issues?
  3. What’s new in the laundry business?
  4. What have we found in our laundries that works and what doesn’t work?
  5. What’s new with laundry equipment that will make your life easier?


Is there anything else that you would like for us to discuss or have available?


We will be negotiating with vendors to gain special financing offers, etc, for the show, but, at this point I cannot promise anything (since we are still 5 months out).



The date is set at this time for Wednesday, October 10.


Thanks for the input.  I really do want to hear what you would like to see.  This event is, after all, for you.



5 Great Ways to Create A Toxic Culture for Your Team

Every now and then, I run across something that teaches or reminds me of the things most important in management.  This article was written by a personal friend and serious human resource manager named Aaron Butler.  You can see the original article here .  

Five Great Ways to Create a Toxic Culture For Your Team!

Aaron Butler, PHR, CDR

Aaron Butler, PHR, CDR

Disclaimer: This post is written as satire! Please take what knowledge you can from it and take the rest with a grain of salt!

People often come to me and ask “Aaron, I am really looking for some great ideas on how to stifle productivity on my team and hopefully, given time, run them all out the door! Any ideas?” Fortunately for them I have seen companies come up with some obvious ways to achieve this goal. Below are just five ways to create a toxic company culture but there a definitely many more!

#5) Make sure there are no metrics or benchmarks for tracking success in their roles.

I previously worked for a company where, before opening a new position, the Recruiters would always call the hiring managers for a brief kick-off call to make sure they had the specific information needed to successfully recruit on the role. One of the questions we would ask was “How will you measure success in this role?” To my surprise, after making this call hundreds of times, not one hiring manager ever provided any detail as to how they would measure an employees success in the position. Even more astounding was that my question was often met with another question……”what do you mean?” As you may have anticipated the retention rate within this company was poor. Exit interviews would often reveal that people didn’t know what they should be doing to make it to the next level and they often didn’t find out their performance was considered sub-par until it was time for their annual performance review.

If you would like to create a toxic culture for your team be sure that their performance is measured completely subjectively and that there are no objective metrics upon which to evaluate their success! This strategy is a real winner!

4) Too many metrics! Death by data!

On the reciprocal from #5 you can also use metrics to measure EVERYTHING! Different companies, different teams within the same company, etc. can sometimes crush their teammates under the weight of extreme performance measurement data! Having 4-5 metrics by which performance is measured sometimes just isn’t enough; to really make your team miserable you will need to go the extra mile and evaluate them based upon tons of metrics, many of which they can not control from their position! If you want the team to be happy then make sure all their KPIs are under their control or at least within their sphere of ability to influence……but if you are excited about creating a toxic culture then you now know what to do!

3) Make success a moving target!

Certainly goals are always changing and, in this world of instant messaging and global transactions being conducted at the speed of light, everyone needs to be nimble. This being said, in a healthy corporate culture, there should always be at least a few benchmarks that are consistent and well communicated by leadership to the team. I have had the opportunity to work on some great recruiting teams (not satire) and have felt the amazing sense of satisfaction of never having the goals/metrics by which we were evaluated (and by which our bonuses were paid out) stay the same for more than one or maybe two quarters at best! In one instance the benchmarks were changed and then applied to our bonuses retroactively!

If you want to confuse the heck out of your team be sure to keep that target moving! For an added punch you can make it impact their compensation!

2) Sweat the small stuff!

My wife is in management and amazing at what she does (also not satire). Like all Managers she has some A players, some B players, and so on. One night she came home and began telling me about something one of her A players does that drives her nuts; the action this A player was taking was very small indeed and so I quipped to my wife “You should fire her!” My wife said “huh?” to which I replied “yeah, you should fire her….or at least write her up!” Once my wife figured out I was joking we got into an excellent conversation about corporate culture. She shared with me that she hadn’t told the team member the behavior bothered her so of course we both agreed she should share her feelings with that person ASAP.

There are many companies, or sometimes just managers within companies, that love to sweat the small stuff. They will take a tiny infraction on the part of a team member and blow it completely out of proportion! Often they don’t even let that team member know it is an issue until they are receiving some sort of reprimand or write-up. This technique is a sure fire way to increase your attrition rate! Keep it up!

And the #1 way to create a toxic culture is………….

1) Hire talented people and don’t listen to them!

I have definitely learned in my career that money isn’t everything. Previously I worked for a company where the team members were extremely well paid and had excellent benefits; I was often astounded by the salaries they earned knowing full well that others in similar jobs at competitors made 20-30% less than what these team members were earning. Either way this was one of the most toxic cultures I have ever seen and people could not wait to get out! Why? Because these people were super talented and wanted to use their skills, grow their skills and be creative! Instead they operated in a culture of complete control and domination. The head of the company would go into a meeting, briefly listen to their ideas, cut them off mid-sentence, say “Ok, here is what we are going to do” and then proceed to dictate to them exactly how they would do their jobs. If that wasn’t enough this person would also throw a few verbal jabs at all of them to make sure they knew he was smarter.

The great thing about these strategies is that you can use just one or you can mix and match them like a cafeteria plan! And these aren’t the only strategies….these are simply a few of the gems! Be sure to put your heads together with other leaders and you will certainly be able to create some fun and innovative ways to decrease production and increase attrition rates in no time at all!

Go get em!

Our Video Service School is LEGIT

This is a great day, and I’m about to let you know why.  We here at National Laundry Equipment just let the cat out of the bag.  In fact, you are about to need our service a whole lot less. 

Here’s the deal:  We just put up over 40 videos on preventative maintenance, trouble shooting, and basic workings of Alliance Laundry Systems products.  That’s right.  No more mystical machinery.  No more calling in witch doctors or shamans to cast out the spirits within your machine.  You are in the know.  And that is good.  Because, we love you.

You will find this freaking amazing resource if you click this link, or if you still blast ABBA while rollin’ through town with your windows of your cadillac down, stick this in your browser and hit go:

Get your learn on.  This is real stuff.
Keep ’em turning

The ACA Washer Extractor is Here!

Afternoon!  Just wanted to share this video with you for a quick look at the new ACA model Huebsch coin operated washer extractor.  This is a Galaxy 400 model.  Note the sleek new design, eliminating most of the outside screws, and the easier-access for maintenance.  Control boards, etc, are also upgraded.  Super nice machine.  Come by and check it out.  We will have coffee around.  


Check the link, or for you old skoolers, type this in your browser and hit go:


Keep ’em turning


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