San-O3-Wash System is Amazing

I added the Aquawing San-03-Wash system to my Valencia, CA store in February 2019 and have been able to market the benefits to in-store, wash dry & fold and pick up and delivery customers in three different ways. The in-store customers have the opportunity to select an additional all ozone rinse, the WDF customers can request their clothes be washed with the added ozone and for our pick up and delivery service the ozone differentiates us from the competition. In all three instances we receive positive reviews and additional revenues. Approximately 20% of in-store and WDF customers request ozone and our delivery service has grown by multiples each month. The San-03-Wash system provides a consistent flow of ozone to each individual washer and leaves customer clothing cleaner, softer, brighter and smelling better. The entire store has a fresher smell and customers have noticed and our positive reviews increased.

Posted on: 13 Aug, 2019