Galaxy™ 400, 200 Washer-Extractors





HCT020 High Extract G400 Control 20 lbs./9 kg. $6,093 $4,570
HCT030  High Extract G400 Control 30 lbs./13.6 kg. $8,464 $6,349
HCT040  High Extract G400 Control 40 lbs./18 kg. $10,936 $8,203
HCT060  High Extract G400 Control 60 lbs./27 kg. $14,721 $11,042
HCT080  High Extract G400 Control 80 lbs./36 kg. $21,229 $15,923
HCT100  High Extract G400 Control 100 lbs/ 45.5 kg. $25,286 $18,965

A Huebsch Hard Mount Washer Extractor features X drive, meaning that it can be installed Single or Three Phase. That is very convenient for ease of installation. The machine is inverter driven, allowing it to be the most efficient machine you can buy. For on premise applications, you need money-saving power. The high extraction speed on this machine removes much more water than your average washer-extractor. That way, you do not have to spend as much money drying your linens. It makes a huge difference! The shorter dry times saves you money in other ways. Employees get done with laundry faster, so they can move on to other productive tasks!

Galaxy™ 400, 200 Washer-Extractors

There are some other amazing benefits to these machines.
1. Automatic leak detection saves you money on lost water through leaks.
2. Incredibly durable construction (best in the industry) makes sure this machine will last for a long, long time.
3. Triple lip seals provide the strongest protection for bearings in the industry.
4. Bi-Lingual instructions make sure your folks understand what is going on.
5. PDA programming/diagnostics provides you up-to-the-second data on your laundry economics.
6. G400 Microprocessor control lets you fine tune cycles to generate the best results for your laundry.
7. Stainless steel panels provide long lasting use.
8. Plug-n-play external chemical (soap) supply injection ports make hooking up a breeze.
9. The Galaxy 400 control allows you to manage your water use carefully by offering 30 different water levels for each cycle. Savings can be as great as 55%!
10. EBoost technology eliminates expensive 3rd party manufactured inverter drives by implementing a inverter in the motor control mechanism — saving cost and maintenance!

Galaxy™ 400, 200 Washer-Extractors Specs.