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Flatwork Finishers

Huebsch flatwork finishers make quick work of all of your drying and ironing needs.  With one of these units, you can dry and iron your flat work linens in one step.  Great for bed sheets, pillow cases, dinner linens, etc. these machines are a must or any hotel or linen service.  Our heated cylinder finishers are equipped with a frequency-controlled motor, suspended roll and Nomex ironing beds to deliver the top of the industry results.

Flatwork Finisher

Huebsches versatile microprocessor control system enables you to store temperature and speed settings to ensure consistently perfect results.  Temperatures can be set between 176 and 350 degrees, while there are 7 speed settings.  Our polished steel rollers are much thicker than any competitive model, providing more consistent heat and perfection in results.

Since there are so many models to fit exactly your needs, please call 866-441-1848 or 615-885-1115 for pricing.

Flatwork Finisher Specs.