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Coin Laundry Equipment Spotlight

Huebsch Dryers:  The best in the business.

The Overdry Protection Technology option on Galaxy controlled dryers will drastically lower utility usage and speed up dry times.

The Overdry Prevention Technology option on Galaxy controlled dryers will drastically lower utility usage and speed up dry times.

Commercial Tumble Dryers

On Premis Tumbler Dryers

The name Huebsch® is synonymous with top performing commercial tumble dryers. By balancing airflow and heat input, Huebsch commercial tumble dryers deliver fast drying without wasting energy.

Available in 25, 30, 35, 50, 55, 75, 120, 170, stacked 30 and stacked 45 lb capacities, Huebsch tumble dryers offer efficient, dependable drying every time.

Key Product Features:

25 – 55 lb

  • Fast and Efficient
  • Axial Airflow Design
  • Digital or Microprocessor Controls
  • Heavy-Duty, Multi-Rib Poly-V Belt
  • Stacked Models Available in 2×30 and 2×45 lb Capacities
  • Reversing Option Available

50 – 75 lb

  • Fast Drying, Energy Efficient Design
  • Quiet All-Belt Drive System
  • Digital or Microprocessor Controls
  • Optional Fire Suppression System

120 – 170 lb

  • Fast Drying With Reversing Cylinder
  • Quiet All-Belt Drive System
  • Self Cleaning Lint Screen
  • Optional Fire Suppression System

Extra capacity.
Huebsch LoadStar 50 and 75 lb tumble dryers offer the sizable capacity to effectively meet the needs of most medium and large scale laundries.
Highly efficient.
Huebsch large capacity tumble dryers give you not only extra capacity, but also superior efficiency
with a high performance heater box. Sealed cylinder rims and a concentrated airflow pattern help to keep utility costs down and the laundry yielding maximum throughput volumes.
Large door openings.
Huebsch is the answer for fast loading and unloading with 26 7/8″ door openings. Whenyou’re able to load and unload quickly, your laundry is able to keep loads moving.
Easy to clean.
A self-cleaning lint screen means fast, efficient lint removal from the tumble dryer’s large storage area.

An extra line of defense.
Huebsch offers its Combustion Auto Response Equipped (C.A.R.E.) system as an option on LoadStar and DryStar
tumble dryers. C.A.R.E. monitors for excessive cylinder temperatures and sprays water on the load should it register an abnormally high reading. A “system active” signal also can be sent to a property’s alarm system or another device.
Tangle tamer.
A reversing option (offered on 3 phase models) is particularly useful for laundries washing sheets or large table linens. The reversing cylinder helps eliminate tangling of such items, saving employees valuable time.
A Great Finish
How will these tumble dryers help my laundry deliver fantastic finished results?
Staying in control.
LoadStar and DryStar models can be equipped with either Huebsch’s extremely user-friendly Galaxy control or Dual Digital control. For the ultimate in utility savings and increased throughput, Galaxy offers OPT (Over-dry Prevention Technology) to end your drying cycle at the exact remaining moisture level that fits your operation. The Galaxy control also features 30 programmable cycles and three cycle types that allow for greater consistency in drying. Laundry managers will see savings on their energy and labor costs as well as extended linen life. With the Dual Digital control, operators can set drying time (0-60 minutes), cool down time (0-15 minutes) and temperature (high, medium, low, no heat). Additional user-friendly features include a one-
touch cycle repeat, automatic anti-wrinkle extended tumble and time remaining display.
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